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10-26-2009, 01:27 PM
Always kept boat inside on trailer when not in use, but now have lift at marina. Completely covered slip, so I've just been using my snap on covers. Haven't been up in about 7 weeks, and found some mildew inside. Plus, the spiders have made a mess of the uncovered portions of the top of the boat between the two covers and on the sides. So, thinking about a new cover.

Not gonna trailer with it, and like I said, there is a roof over the whole dock, so I don't intend to spend a ton on one. I have a Monster Tower, and I see Monster Tower has "universal" covers that are designed with velcro to fit monster towers, for about $300. I'm thinking of one of those. Anyone tried it? Any other cost-effect suggestions?

Also, should I keep the snap on cover on underneath the full cover, or would that hurt ventilation and be a bad idea?