View Full Version : Fuel problems

10-12-2009, 07:35 PM
Saturday I went to winterize the boat and it started right up and after about a minute it bogged out and died......
Kept cranking and cranking and she wouldn't start back up. I checked to see if the accelerator pump was squirting any fuel and it was not.
Took the boat back home and started to diagnose the problem. Pumped the throttle again and what do ya know it squirted fuel in the carb.
Went to start it and it fired right up....
Back to the boat ramp I go and it did the same thing again. Ran for a minute and bogged and died out.
Accelerator pump was not pumping fuel again.
I then took the sight plug out of the primary bowl and it was dry.
I had an extra fuel filter laying around so I changed the filter. The old one didn't look to have much junk in the bottom of it.
Checked the fuel pump to see if it was running and I could hear it running after I cranked it over.
It seems as if it is only getting fuel intermittently.
I can't figure out why it is not getting any fuel to the carb?
Couple things I can think of to check:
1. Oil pressure safety switch
2. Anti-siphon check valve
3. Stuck float
4. Pick up tube in the fuel tank is clogged
5. Fuel filters in the primary & secondary fuel bowls are clogged
6. Fuel pump is working, but not enough pressure

Any other input would be great. I need to get her winterized as the weather has changed abruptly here and I want to get it put away in storage. I did get all the water drained out of it though as we have alreay seen freezing temps....