View Full Version : Wiring for gauges

10-06-2009, 03:07 PM
Does anyone have a schematic of how all the gauges are wired? None of the gauges work (temp, oil, and tach) and am starting the process of trouble shooting. I figure since none of them are working, it might be a power supply issue.

10-09-2009, 07:08 PM
You might have blowen a fuse. Sorry i have not traced the wires so i do not know how they all connect or if they all go back to the same fuse. Does the engine start, pumps turn on and off, NAV ligts work, and radio turn on?

10-13-2009, 09:30 AM
Everything works fine (all rocker panel switches (blower, bilge, nav lights)) except for the gauges. Worked on it this weekend and we thought we found the problem (automotive style wiring harness on the back drivers side of the motor). We cut the harness out and soldered and heat shrunk the wires back together but the gauges still would not do anything. Going to try and replace the volt meter to see if we have bad gauges (the gauges are all stuck in various positions and have been like this for a couple of years).

10-13-2009, 11:20 AM
Verify the grounding is OK and then trace the power source from the guages back. Your unswitched source is fine so the switched source failure could be between the ignition switch and the guages.

10-13-2009, 09:52 PM
Depending on the age of the boat it might be a gauge controller. My 99 Mobius came witha Medallion MDC-1600 gauge controller. All guages: Tach, hour meter, both speedos, temperature, gas, the works failed at the same time. First they failed in the position they were in at the time of failure. Then, after on/off they zeroed out. I have replaced the controller once and am starting to have problems with it again. My controller was on the bulkhead between the uner-dash and the front right bow seat in plain sight. If you followed all the wires from the dash circuit board they would have lead you to this controller if you have one.

10-15-2009, 11:46 AM
I am going to check this out this weekend to see if I have a MDC. The boat is a "99 outback. Ironically the hour meter still works.