View Full Version : Shaft packing

10-02-2009, 09:26 AM
I searched and read a lot of post on this forum and the supra forum. It appears most people only use 2 -3 pieces of packing when redoing this. On my 2003 supra I just replaced it and I actually pulled out 4 pieces. Do this seem right? I know that it has never been done accroding to the previous owner. The boat only had 120 hours on it when I got it last year. After I put each piece in I tightened the packing nut down to push the packing into the nut. After the third there was still not much room between the packing nut and the jam nut. Only about 1 turn of the jam nut. So i went ahead and added 1 more piece. This seems to allow me to turn the jam nut a couple times so I will be able to do some adjustment. When tightening i only tightened it by hand. I am heading to the lake this weekend to adjust it. I used the goretex replacement from ski dim. Should I still make it drip like 1 every 15-20 seconds since it said vitually dripless?