View Full Version : New Ski Technology

Canuckle Head
09-09-2009, 02:54 PM
Got a chance to demo the RS1 by Radar Skis when I was down in Portland last month. (A Very big thank you to John at Active Water Sports, YOU DA MAN!) Very nice ski, although I would have liked to have gotten a few more runs on some glass than I did. Loved the bindings! They were a real treat let me tell ya!

I wasn't totally sold on the ski but that may have been because a) I was skiing behind an old Sea Ray which I was pulling all over the place. b) It has no speedometer so I had no idea how fast I was going c) The wake was ginormous (you guys complain about the wake on the Outback V you should have seen this Sea Ray) and c) I was using a wakeboard rope and handle that was tied to the back of the transom. (No Pole)

But hey, you make good with what ya got and I still had an awesome time. Mrs. Canuckle Head tried out the HO Muse and really liked it. (She skis on an old Connely Wood Ski) Probably would have bought it but she couldn't stand how pink it was. They didn't have a Couture for her to try so maybe that one will be the ticket.

Anyway, I plan on holding off till Spring and would still like to try out a few more skis before making a decision but man was it nice to try out something new.

Anyone out there have an RS1 or tried one? Your thoughts?