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09-07-2009, 08:36 PM
First off I have to say I love our 2008 GG XLV, and me and the wife are enjoying it more than we ever thought but we have had some minor issues. First of this last week we experienced what I would say is vapor lock, after running for a while and shutting down, could not restart the engine, got towed in and it started after it cooled down, did it twice this last week. Checked everything and that is the only problem I can see it being. I have read lots of post about this and one I cannot find again about adding a second fuel pump down by where the filter is to help this, is the problem being fixed by dealers under warranty or do I have to pay to get the problem fixed? Second on the right side forward, the first stringer up from the bottom, the gel coat is flaking off, I am missing about 2 inches total in a span of about 2 feet. It is just the bottom edge of the stringer, how hard is this to get repaired under warranty? There is no sign of impact or other scratches in the area, it just looks like it didn't bond to the glass.
Other than that we love it, I finally started riding at 23 MPH and I love the wake and can get W2W fairly easy at this speed, even the wife was trying to jump today it was awesome. Been trying to get pics up but have to upload them and just haven't had time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Matt

09-08-2009, 10:42 AM
if the boat had been purchased less than a year ago, gelcoat should be a non-issue. I bought mine in '07 as an '06 model. since I was the first owner, warranty started with me. several gel issues fixed at the end of '07 under warranty..
if the boat is more than a year old since originally sold, then you might have to dicker with the dealer.
same on the pump. supposedly adding the second pump fixes all the problems. some have pushed skiers and got it replaced as a warranty, some have paid..

we had the issue again on friday. boarded for an hour. stopped for an hour and wouldn't start up again. half of a 16oz bottle of water poured over the top of the fuel pump and she fired right up and ran like nothing was wrong. only the second time this year, so thinking by leaving the blower on more often, eliminates most vapor issues.

congrats on the boat purchase and welcome.

09-09-2009, 12:47 PM
Thanks for the tip about the water on the pump, will have to take the boat down south about 4 hours cause the dealer close to me know runs a lack luster business. I called all week with promise of call backs and nothing, so I am going to wait till season ends and head down to dothan and just drop the boat off down there. Yea I am the first owner and the warranty started when I bought it so will have to see what happens with the gel coat and the pump, but I am almost tempted to add the pump myself because after the holiday, boaters are allot more scarce and finding someone to tow us in if we need it is getting harder. When you cool the pump off will it always start right up? I hate just drifting around.

Thanks Matt

09-09-2009, 01:01 PM
I've never had an issue with it not starting after the water trick.
not sure of what you are using the boat for, but run the blower often and that has been the trick for us. also helps a ton if you are parking for a while after running it hard to open up the hatch and let the stale air out, but the water trick has worked for us the last 4 times it has happened. 2x this year and 2x late last year..
if you are the first owner, push for the fuel pump upgrade and see where you get. as far as the gelcoat, my dealership wouldn't do anything about it until the year was up. they wanted to do the job once and hit everything, so you might want to get it at least recorded, but have them do the work at your year.
our dealer actually recorded all the gelcoat issues at the year, which was in august of '08, then did the work over the winter..