View Full Version : 99 Outback MPI 5.7 Fuel pump ?

09-04-2009, 08:20 PM

My boat died in the water the other day.I thought I had ran it out of fuel because my gauges come and go which seems to be a common problem.Well I took it to the pump and filled it with fuel,Still nothing.I pulled the water seperator filter and it was half full.When I turn the key on the carter pump (booster pump) cycles but is not getting fuel.I dont know if the HP pump is in the tank or motor mounted yet as I had to come offshore for two weeks and I've been reading my clymer manual.My wife is gonna send me pics of the engine so I can verify if I have a tank or engine mounted pump.Where do I order the pump? Is there a fuse on the pump? If so where? anything else to look for? Thanks..

09-05-2009, 12:12 PM
Ok, wife sent me a picture of the engine, I have a tank mounted high pressure pump and a carter boost pump mounted on the engine.Anyone know a part number for the tank mounted pump or any suggestions I should try before changing out the pump? Thanks..