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04-18-2004, 01:35 AM
I just purchased a Moomba Outback and need to install a depth finder. I have a NorCross wireless depth sounder that uses a standard 2 1/8" hole. I have seen a picture of one mounted on the right side of the dash. Is this the best location or have you guys found an area that works better. Thank you for your advice.

04-18-2004, 04:19 AM
Ours was added at the dealer, they put it on the panel to the driver's right above the throttle. Seems to be a good place for it, but we don't look at it that often since we're familiar with the lakes. If I needed to look at it more often, on the dash somewhere might be the way to go.


04-20-2004, 10:49 PM
I installed a Tempo digital unit in the left side of the dash pod of my Boomerang. I also found room for an hour meter on the opposite side. I know that the dash in a Boomerang is different and small but I found a way to squeeze it in. I'd advise putting a lot of thought into it before cutting holes. It doesn't do much good if it's hard to see. Also you need to think about where you are going to mount the transducer. It needs to be free from any turbulence and far enough to the rear to avoid trying to shoot the signal thru air when you get up some speed. Also it should shoot the signal thru solid fiberglass (no air voids or wood) and as flat and level as possible. Properly mounted you should have no problem getting it to read at max speed in an inboard ski/wakeboard boat. Once it's epoxied in place it's impossible to move.

A trick I used when mounting the transducer in bass boats was to temporally mount the transducer until you get a good reading at speed. I cut the bottom out of a plastic butter container and sealed the bottom edges to the inside of the hull with silicon. When dry you add a little water to the container and cut a notch in the lid for the transducer cable to exit. The signal will shoot thru the water and the hull good enough to tell if the location is right. Go to the lake and give it a try. If the location is good you should get a good reading al the way up to full speed. If you don't get a good reading, move the transducer/container to another area. Keep moving it until you get a good reading. Mine ended up a few inches to the side of the packing nut. You can leave the container siliconed in place as a form to keep the epoxy in place until it dries. Clean and dry the area well and pour the epoxy into the form. Apply some epoxy on the bottom of the transducer. Put the transducer in place and slowly move it around to remove all the air bubbles between the hull and the bottom of the transducer.

I hope this helps you out.