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08-20-2009, 08:08 AM
I was looking around wakeworld.com and came across thread that was talking about heated seats. I thought of you guys in the colder climate.



08-20-2009, 12:39 PM
Ha Ha! Thats funny......Sorta My wife has them in her truck now and when they aint working its to the shop right away! I hope she dont see this thread on cheek heaters!

08-20-2009, 05:01 PM
aintskeered, Waht is your wifes email so we can send her a link.

Now one thing i did notice on the website is "•Backed by a 3 year / 36,000 Miles limited warranty" How do they know i have gone 36,000 Miles in a boat?

These would be nice for early and late riding or on the cold rainning days we get in Oregon.

08-21-2009, 12:38 PM
No No No E-mail for her Jester... 36000 miles lets see here

18 mph , 6 gal an hour ---- 3miles to the gallon?

36,000 miles div by 3 is 12,000 gallons

12000 gal div 40 gal tank is about 300 fill ups?? (if completley empty)

If my math is right these seat warmers will last a long time !!!

08-21-2009, 01:23 PM
How about this appoarch to 36,000 miles... (correct me if I'm wrong)

For the guy who mainly just putts around the lake our does a lot of surfing:

Avg speed of 8 mph = 4500 hours to go 36,000 miles

For the family boater who does a little of everything with their boat:

Avg speed of 12 mph = 3000 hours to go 36,000 miles

For the hardcore wakeboarder:

Avg speed of 18 mph = 2000 hours to go 36,000 miles

For the guy the goes skiing every morning (sled comes to mind here) or the speed demon:

Avg speed of 25 mph = 1440 hours to go 36,000

Yup 36,000 miles seems to be a long time