View Full Version : skiers choice, what's up with the factory stereo??

08-18-2009, 04:23 PM
well, got the info on our small quarterly bonus today and it's enough to pay for part of a new stereo system, so I have begun looking into replacing the speakers this year.
I have the upgraded system from skiers, consisting of 3 sets of in-boat speakers from kicker, the 12" sub, 2 amps, 2 batteries and 2 pairs of kicker speakers in the roswell cans..
I can't figure skiers out? the put in some real decent amps, lots of power and decent quality for factory, and the sub is a real nice kenwood dvc excelon 12" sub with some decent wiring to it, but they really cheaped out on the cabin/tower speakers. don't really understand it. spend a ton on the sub and amps, but not the rest? and the wiring is crap on the cabin speakers..

oh well, project over the next couple of weeks..

ordering 5 sets of polk db651's today and going to pick up some speaker wire to re-run it all.. :) :) :)