View Full Version : Perfect Pass and Throttle Cable

08-17-2009, 01:20 PM
So I'm having problems with my perfect pass and the throttle cable. When I set the perfect pass for a specific speed and I take off, the perfect pass beeps when it hits the desired speed, but can not hold it at that speed. The boat looses speed and just stops as if I brought it back to neutral. The dial on the throttle cable is completely turned and the cable is pulled out and loose. I tightened it back up, and it keeps having the same problem...but only when I use the perfect pass...the throttle cable works fine manually. Wondering if there is something mechanically I can check, or if this is in the computer system of perfect pass? Thanks for any help or comments.

08-21-2009, 04:57 PM
I understand that the knob on the PP servo motor is loose and remains that way until you tighten it.

With the knob loose and ignition off, observe the knob while turning the ignition on. PP should start up on the display and the knob should rotate until the line tightens up. If this is not happening the the two most likely reasons are:

1. the set screw on the servo motor shaft that holds the knob in place (usually a small hex screw) is loose and the knob is simply free to move where it wants regardless of the servo motor turning.

2. Bad servo motor.

If you go to perfect pass website, you may download the user manual. This will give you a diagnostic down to using your PP display to view the resistance in the wires that lead to your servo motor. This will eliminate wire failure as well as control module failure.

Don't hesitate to call PP, as they have always been willing to help me and are very knowledgeable about their product.

09-03-2009, 09:34 PM
I had a very similar problem when i got my boat. Check the cable coming from the PP servo motor. Mine was routed over, and then back under the plastic engine cover, and it didn't have enough room. When I would try to give it a little gas, it would unspool. I just re-routed it to be completely under the engine cover and haven't had a problem since.