View Full Version : Towing New Mobius V no rear straps?!!!

09-27-2002, 01:32 AM
When buying my 2002 Moomba Mobius V my local dealer told me I didn't need straps on the rear. Now I just worry about it. So if I need to strap the back down how do I do this with a platform and not rub the gel coat off. The INDOT told me to strap it or I would get a ticket for a unsafe load. The Trailer Mate trailer has tabs for the straps to hook too but they weld them 10\" under the trailer so the strap will be rubbing the bottom of the boat and will be pulling it towards the front not down. Plus the nice officer told me I need a chain or safty cable on the front in case the webbing on the winch gave way. I would hope Trailer mate would have put one on there from the get go. In a wreck the cable keeps the boat from going thru the back of the tow vehicle the officer said. I would like to strap it for safty but by no means do I want to rub the gel coat to death. Any comments or suggestions welcome. Thank you. Alan