View Full Version : New impeller compound from Johnson Pump?

08-03-2009, 05:03 PM
While looking for a replacement impeller for an 07 LSV, I noticed that Johnson Pump has introduced a new compound, MC97, for their impellers. According to Johnson Pump, this will replace their existing Neoprene compunds and will result in extended service life of the impeller compared to the Neoprene. Also mentioned about not using any pertoleum based products to lubricate the inside of the pump - only their Johnson Pump Lubrication is what they are recommending.

Anyone know when they started shipping these new impellers and were to purchase?
Also, given the "extended service life" mention, are there any new recommendations from Indmar/SC as to how often the MC97 impeller should be replaced?

Below is where I found the info from Johnson: