View Full Version : 04 lsv having power drain

07-28-2009, 10:59 PM
i have recently replaced alternator and when throttling up the volt meter jumps to 16 and shuts down stereo as we went across lake it bounced around between 16 and 12 after a few minutes it stabilizes and then steadily drains down till batteries die. im thinking i burnt up the alternator running it at high volts but what would cause this jump a short in the wiring somewhere? Has anyone else had this problem? It has ruined my summer i have replced alternator twice!

07-29-2009, 06:08 AM
Not positive but sounds like some issues with the Alternator. You cant hurt them on the engine.

Problems you can cause.

Crossed positive and negative wires = short, smoke, battery damage and alternator damage instantly.

To tight on the belt = bearing wear out prematurely and pulley seizes and belt breaks.

Belt to loose = alternator spins slow, low voltage output, belt squeals and smokes and breaks.

What it sounds like to me if your pumping out 16V of power the regulator or the internal diodes arnt doing there job. An alternator is made to run up to 8K RPM but it maxes its output at 2K RPM and anything after that its just running max power as if it was at 2K rpm. Id take the alternator off take it to a shop have them spin it on a test machine.

If its bad buy Brand New not Rebuilt.

If its good you have a problem elsewhere and thats another thread to talk about.