View Full Version : wakesurfing-beer-kids-i/o's don't mix..

07-20-2009, 02:22 PM
hoping that they learn some sense before they ruin the sport for the rest of us up here...
had a good surfing session saturday afternoon. cruising up along some cliffs in a fairly narrow channel, maybe 1/5 mile wide and 150ft deep across, room for 4-5 boats to pass that are recreating and most others will slow down and find a line to get through. idiots in a chaparrel sunesta 24-26ft(brand new one) came by us around 50ft off the right side as I was surfing. we were only 40ft off the cliffs on the left so we were crowded in. they were doing in excess of 30mph. dropped the rope so we could slow down and let them by as it startled me. boat had around 10 early 20's on it, and beers in hand...

the worst came around 3 hrs later as they surfed by our dock 60-70ft off the bank, music blaring and throwing a nice wake into everyone's dock and boats.
I know that they advertise them for surfing and shouldn't be, let alone to kids drinking...

charged up the marine radio incase we see them again(no cell service at the lake). hoping the sherriff will straighten them up.....

07-20-2009, 07:50 PM
Thats just crazy, im all for peeps having fun but ya got to respect the water and the shores or they will close them to our type of boats.

We have seen plenty of youngsters drinking in there boats and acting crazy, tends to be the college crowd when we hit the bigger lakes but non the less, we just try to stay out of there way.

07-30-2009, 05:38 PM
sounds very similar to the big debates going on here in boise with bicycle riders and their rights on the roads. many think they have the right to ride 2-3abreast and have a total disregard for the laws. hundreds of the guys in their lance armstrong jerseys ride up the highway to the lake we use on the weekends. I'm all for sharing roads/lakes/space as a whole, but bottom line in the end, they will lose every time. 3 cyclist deaths in the last couple months and all have been ruled to be jointly at fault.