View Full Version : Fat Sacks Size Next to LSV Engine

Shoemaker Mobius
04-02-2004, 04:52 PM
I posted the below under the General topic and got no response. I can't remember where I was reading about the below, but maybe it was here in Service & Repair. So....

I previously asked a question about the weight of the fat sacks in the 3-bag Bertha Ballast system from the factory. I currently have the single, standard ballast bag in the ski locker. I was told that the bag in the ski locker is 400lbs and that each of the two bags that go in the compartments alongside the engine were 250lbs each. I have seen where Straightline offers a two sack package, specifically for the compartments next to a V-drive at 350lbs each. I also see where Straightline has the new squared off rectanglular sacks at 440lbs each that would likewise appear to fit. All that having been said, I have seen other postings in the other areas of this BB that indicated concern about the thickness of the flooring in the two compartments alongside the engine and how various people have pulled up and replaced or reinforced the flooring in those compartments. Does anyone know if the floor in those compartments can safely handle sacks weighing more than the factory 250lbs??? Also, could I add just the sacks and later purchase the hoses, connectors, etc., to convert them to the automated factory system? Thanks in advance.