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03-29-2004, 11:57 PM
I have a 2001 outback with a skylon xtreme tower and two 600lbs fatsacs. I want to get my wake w/ great shape and even out the boat so it planes better. Where should i put these two fatsacs and should i get more weight to put anywhere else. Desperetly need a better wake for the coming season. Thanx

03-30-2004, 01:39 PM
As a fellow 01 Outback owner this is a subject I feel that I can speak with some authority as I have spent countless hours trying to dial my wake in. This is the one area that separates the Outback from the internal ballast big boys...moving fat sacs around can be a real pain sometimes I have to really focus on how much lower my payments are to keep me smiling.
Wakeboard mag did a good story on this a year or so ago and they recommend 40%front/60ēck on boats under 21' and I have found this to be fairly accurate. However, I will tell you that I have noticed that my weighting is never the same way twice because of the nature of the Outback's hull and what it was designed primarily to do which is to be a sleek 3 event tow boat not a ballast barge. These things seem to be more of a factor in my boat than in my friends more wake board specific rides. First it depends on number and weight of passengers (I have found that even as little as a 4 year old sitting on one side versus the other to be a difference maker), depth of water, and even the size of the rider I am pulling can be a factor. When I start out I use 600lbs in the aft locker (warning do not use a fat seat in the 01 outback in place of the rear seat...the gas tank is located underneath and the fat seat could cause damage or so I have have heard from other folks.) and roughly 500lbs plus up front from the ski pylon forward, any adjustments I make are usually right here. Sometime the sac is right up on the pylon and sometimes moving it forward a few inches will make all the difference( I utilize 2 phat buds in line for this, they fit nicely down the walkthrough bow aisle and allow for the adjustments) then 22mph and 3 passengers in the boat. That seems to give me the best and most consistent results. This will produce a great wake in all categories size/firmness/ramp and transition. the line length is 65' feet, I have tried longer because the wake appeared larger back, and it is, but lacks firmness because of the flat design of our hulls we are just not able to displace the same volume of water as the outback's bigger and heavier cousins. That said, more weight in the outback is not always better, I have found that when I go beyond in weight what I have mentioned the wake gets bigger but gets steep and will sometimes lip over just enough to rob you of the extra pop you think you are gaining from the size (someone from Skier's Choice told me that is due to the 01's rounded off transom). Also be aware because of the Outback's low position in the water, swamping the boat is a real concern pay extra close attention when coming to a sudden stop with a full crew and ballast.. surf is truly up and your onboard water weight could get to an unmanageable level quick. .The wake will be good enough for 99% of all riders to throw their whole bag of tricks including inverts and all. Do I think that the 1080 dragon will be slain behind an Outback? no way!!!!...so no 1080s even still the cost to fun ratio of our boat can't be beat, just requires a little extra patience and thought at the lake.
A few other items to consider that might enhance your Outback ballast experience are 1) 4 blade acme prop (best performance investment I have made believe the hype; minimizes throttle adjustments with the added weight and pushes through the double ups). 2) an extra phat bud (fill to roughly 150lbs-2/3 full and slide it around as needed to tweak the wake) 3)lead headz or some other compact weight aprox 125lbs or so placed all the forward under the center cushion in the bow ( I don't have this yet but have noticed when a put a smaller passenger up there I seem to get a little more size probably my next purchase
Sorry I was so long winded but that what happens when I am talking about my favorite subject have fun and hope that helps.