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06-26-2009, 04:23 PM
There is 2 types of pictures to post. The thumbnails most use and you click them to blow them up. Then < img > pic that blows them up in your text area so no one has to click them. I dont know how to do the < img > so will explain the thumbnails and maybe some one will update with the other method.

First. You picturs cant be more then 90mb to post on this sit. Most digi cameras do pics in Gs now so you have to shrink your image down.

Shinking your pictures.

1 Open the pic on your computer like normal.

2 Right click your picture and you get a drop down that says Edit

3 Select edit. Picture should change to a smaller picture and goto Photo Paint Shop.

4 On the top is drop downs select Image.

5 Second one down is Stretch/ Skew

6 You will have Horizontal and Vertical boxes with 100% numbers.

7 Changing these H and V boxes shrinks your pictures. I default with 25% on them both and my pictures always upload.

8 After you shrink your picture use the File drop down and use Save As and you need to rename your new picture as it still saves a copy of the original one.

9 Now you have your original and new small photo in the file.

10 On your Posting for this site down below the submit is Manage Attachments.

11 This opens a new window and at the top has the option to Upload.

12 Click upload and then use the drop down to find your folder on your computer where your picture is. Once found double click your small picture

13 Hit the upload button and wait a minute you will see the picture file appear below the upload boxes.

14 If it doesn't appear or you get an upload error your picture is too large still.

I know this seems like a lot of steps but once you do this once or twice you will get the hang of it.

Hope this helps. Anyone else with other ideas and methods that work please chime in.



06-27-2009, 07:55 AM
Maybe jester or somebody will add how to post them big.