View Full Version : 98 Moomba Fuel Pump Conversion

06-25-2009, 10:57 AM
I just recently purchased a 98 Moomba from a private owner and had it on the water for a few weekends. Third weekend in the water the engine started to overheat so I cracked the engine cover and noticed a bolt missing from the impeller housing. Pulled the impeller housing cover to discover the impeller was destroyed...all the fins were chewed off. Proceeded to replace the impeller and gasket (and missing bolt), ran the boat for another weekend and as I was pulling the boat off the water, I noticed that distinct squealing noise from before the impeller replacement. Turns out the impeller drive housing assembly needs to be replaced which is on order. This brings me to my actual question; has anyone done the Fuel Pump Conversion on their boat? If so, is this something that can be accomplished by a DIYer? The Moomba dealership recommends this due to the fact that there was fuel in the line attached to the fuel pump housing. I guess these tend to rust over time, causing you to dump raw fuel into the lake. If anyone has done this conversion before or has any tips it would be greatly appreciated!