View Full Version : Weird Display

06-23-2009, 01:00 PM
I got a 2006 Mobius XLV. I've had it out quite a few times this summer already and everything runs great except the display is acting weird on me. Where the hours should show...it is half lit and flashing back and forth from one side of the display to the other. On one side it looks like it says the number "6" with a picture of a wrench below it, ...and then it flashes back to the engine hours on the right side of the display. All the digital numbers are hard to read and missing parts of the number when it flashes. I've checked the manual and couldn't find anything on it and all the fluids and everything checks out and runs great...just wondering if anyone has seen this problem before and if I have to bring it into a dealer to fix it.
I'm wondering if it is just like a car and flashes when you need the engine serviced for an oil change and so forth, and maybe the dealer that did all this last fall forgot to reset the dash?? Is this possible?? Just wondering...thanks for the input!!

06-24-2009, 08:25 AM
I have the same boat and I haven't seen or heard of that before. Wish I could help. When you get this figured out, let me know what it was.