View Full Version : Speedo gone WACKO

06-22-2009, 12:49 PM
I cannot get the speedo to work consistently. Will jump all over the place as i drive along, sometimes it goes back to 0 and sits and sometimes it actually works. Cannot wakeboard b/c perfect pass does not work and my lovely wife has enough issues driving the boat then to worry about keeping constant speed w/o a speedo. HELP?!

Pulled it from the hull and the paddles move unobstructed. It looks like a rock put a little ding on the paddle housing but nothing major (as i'd likely have a hole in my boat if something major hit). Is it the unit itself? This is an '06 LSV.

If it is the unit, do i have to pull the entire wire chase from the hull to the guage and the perfect pass or has somebody come up with a splice or something .... why do they hardwire all that stuff?


06-23-2009, 04:17 AM
Cant help you on the Speedo issue but for Wake boarding you can just as easily run the boat to 3K RPM look at your wake. It should be clean around this speed, its APX 21 MPH on my boat.

You can do that till you get the speedo fixed. It sounds like to me its broken cable or damaged cable at the housing. I don't know a lot about boat speedo's but in cars as the cable wears out the speedo will jump a lot and not be stable. With yours jumping and sometimes not working it almost sounds like to me its out of the housing at one end or the other.