View Full Version : More on Skiing Tragedy and Handle Safety Improvement Suggestion

06-17-2009, 03:43 PM
Many of you saw the thread started by jmvotto with the links to the story about John O'Neill and the additional info posted by BensonWdby here:


Thank you both for the information about how John died when his head went through the handle bridle of the ski rope.

I sent my respects to the family through Darrell DeBey who responded with thanks as well as information about a handle safety improvement he has developed. Darrell asked me to share this with as many skiers as I can. He also indicated that he is willing to make and send the protectors shown in the photos below. There will be no cost. He only asks that each person requesting makes a small donation ($20 suggested) to John's daughters' education fund. It is his wish that all skiers “do something” to protect themselves and their friends. His contact email is Darrell.DeBey@neweracap.com I also have his telephone number if anyone needs it.

Please be careful out there.