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06-12-2009, 02:01 PM
I was just informed by my reseller that during the pre-delivery Lake test, that they couldnt get the boat above 3800RPM (32mph). He said that the engine temp was normal (aprox 140F) and did not go any higher. Right now they have it in the shop cheking if it has something to do with the perfect pass. On the first lake test, the technition noticed some smoke coming from the exhaust, so anticipating overheating, he shut thing down. Although he later realized that the temp was not high they advised me that the smoke from the exhaust was from paint burn off and the test driver errored on the side of caution and reacted too quickly and terminated the lake test. Upon inspection he found some foreign matter blocking the cooling water inlet. Im putting all this together and I have to say I a little concerned. The Dealer has been top knotch. But my paranoid side is wondering i there perhaps is more to the storey. Can anyone think of other reasons why they cant get the engine RPM past 3800? If and this is A BIG IF.. the guy took the boat out for a test and failed to check if there was oil in it, then overheated the engine, cooking the bearings resulting is low engine performance:confused:.

What do you guys think?

06-12-2009, 02:38 PM
I can say that my boat when we tested it had only been run in the shop after it was rigged so if there was paint burn off i didn't see it. I can say that paint burn off wouldn't come out the exhaust but out the rear vents. It also wouldn't be enough to cause a lot of smoke. I've burned off many auto manifolds & motorcycle exhausts in my day and none lasted longer than 30-45 seconds after hot and you can smell it a mile away.

If there was no oil and it got hot enough to cause smoke then the motor is toast. All the bearing surfaces to include the rings and cylinder walls would be scored beyond repair. But you'd have smelled that one too, nothing like a burned motor to get your senses awake.

Not getting over 3800rpm could be a few different things, electrical or mechanical but i would hestitate to guess virtually on that one. I would however be very cautious about it.

A blocked inlet could heat and shred the impellor which could cause smoke as the rubber burned and it would come out the exhaust as it cycled through the cooling system.

So in a nutshell i guess it's a crapshoot and how honest your dealer is. I would await his findings and post back with the results.

06-12-2009, 04:22 PM
Since you boat is DBW, there are several TPS (throttle position settings) that could be in error and need to be adjusted electronically. It is very easy. Next your PP or cruise control module may be interferring with signal. That also would be an easy fix. Most likely, it is something that is easy to fix and not major.

Why would there not be oil in the engine? One would have to drain the oil and then run it. If the boat was "fogged" with fogging oil before it left SC, it would smoke for 15-45 seconds. I use fogging oil each year to winterize, I have seen smoke every spring.

Spaceball 1
06-13-2009, 10:41 PM
What type of engine?

If it is a chevy LS series motor they some times have a rev limiter until the motor is warmed to a set temp.

Some even have a break in limiter?

06-15-2009, 12:01 PM
Problem was fixed.. When the dealer took the boat into their service bay and attached a scope to it, it returned a few codes. Apparently, the problem was a disconnected wire (cant remember which one) and loose spark plugs. Evidently, the spark plugs themselves were tight, but the rubber boot connectors were loose. They told me this may have occured from the shipping process.

I took the boat out over the week end and was able to reach 43mph. So it looks like all is good except that I did notice the check engine light was on or came on. After 4 cycles (start/stop) it went off and stayed off. Perhaps the service technition never reset it. Right now the boat is being serviced for a few minor glitches for example, depth finder reading "---", steering needs to be aligned as it appears to be about 10 degrees out from center.

Also, can anyone comment on the performance difference between the Indmar Assault 325hp and the Inmar CAT 340hp? Generally this pick up or hole shot seems to be a little slower than my OBV with the 325hp. Not sure if its my imagination or du to the boat being a foot longer, but I was just wondering if the 340HP may be a little less gutsy.:confused: