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06-07-2009, 03:17 PM
For the current 2009 model year, these (in alpha order by brand) are the direct drive ski boats available:

Centurion - T5
Correct Craft - Ski Nautique 196, 206, and 216
Gekko - GTO 22 and GTR 22
Malibu - Response LXI and FXI
Mastercraft - Prostar 190, 197, 214
Moomba - Outback and Mobius LS
Sanger - D215, DXII, and DLX
Ski Supreme - 220SP
Tige - 20i and 22i

Since the 2007 model year, Ski Pro appears to be out of business, and both Supra and SVFARA brands no longer offer direct drive models.

Of all boats on the market, only a handful have successfully met the evaluation for water ski towboats and been approved to pull sanctioned events. They are:

Correct Craft - Ski Nautique 196 and 206
Malibu - Response LXI and FXI
Mastercraft - Prostar 190, 197, and 214
Moomba - Outback

Our Outbacks are indeed special.

The weather today is rainy, so I found myself leafing through the 2007 Boat Buyers Guide that helped us make the decision to go with Moomba. When we compared everything that was new on the market at that time to what we wanted and could afford, hands down it was a Moomba.

06-07-2009, 04:19 PM
As i'm reading this i see you have too much time on your hands or weather is lousy as well.I know i'd much rather be out skiing in my Outback as well except snow yesterday kinda changed that. Today no snow but still quite cool so just hanging out killing time hoping for better weather next weekend.

06-07-2009, 08:42 PM
Hear you on the crap weather. Based on the forcast of 50s and rain, we scrapped our plan to go to the cabin this weekend. I miss my boat:) Have only made 1 run thus far this year:(

Love my Outback!! Completely pleased and happy with the quality and performance. It's a great SKI boat.

My buddy has a Malibu LXI, nice boat. The interior is nicely appointed and Malibu doea a great job with organizing the engine compartment. No wires or cables laying on the hull. Every thing is nice and tidy. SC could take a cue from them on this.