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05-29-2009, 11:18 PM
My lake (Lake Hamilton in AR) is having lots of small floating debris from recent HEAVY rains.
Twice now, I've ended up running over (at around 25-30) two small pieces of debris on different days that no one saw in time, and when I did I noticed an immediate mild vibration. I stop, put in neutral, and tried cruising up to 1-2k rpm, got light-to medium vibration (like what a bent prop would feel like I'm guessing) shut it off and grabbed my diving mask. BOTH times this happened the prop, shaft, and rudder looked perfect and shiny when I got under the boat. And we're talking SMALL debris here, like a twig or some big piece of bark.
Anyways I looked at the prop from every angle both times to see if it looked bent. Both times when I get back in the boat after that, I start er up and test to about 2k rpm again and it starts then immediately goes away like a piece of wood was hung on the prop or rudder and came off, but NOTHING was wrong visually upon inspection. Anyone else had anything like this happen? Think I may have to call my o wise dealer tomorrow and see if he has any good ideas, cuz since everything looks good and the problem stopped and went back to norm both times, i'm kinda stumped here. Also no red lights or overheating, all fluid levels check fine just to cover all that.

05-30-2009, 09:14 AM
Ive had a few sticks go under and hit the bottom of the boat and i shut her down as soon as i could and then did like you, check her out and start going slow again.

I tend to always get a little vibration when i start moving, so im not sure if thats just the prop churning the water or what. Id think as long as its not vibrating once you get over 800 or so rpm then its nothing to worry about.

I know my boat has a strange and loud noise when just starting out from 1200 to 1500 rpm. Dealer has ridden in the boat and said its a V drive noise to not worry. So im not worring about it lol.

But back to your prop. Id have to say if theres no physical damage and no consistant vibration then your good to go. That prop doesnt take very much to send it out of balance.

05-30-2009, 06:03 PM
Talked to the indmar tech from my dealer. He thought it might be cavitation after hitting debris. I'm not sure since I stopped the motor and it still did it for a min and then stopped. Gonna talk to them more when its in for 20hr service next week.

05-31-2009, 11:41 AM
I used to have that problem with my i/o only the stick would be wedged in front of the outdrive and would cause the prop to ventilate. Raised the outdrive and clear the obstruction, check the stainless prop ( no damage) and continue on. I had that problem with the Moomba and after I stopped , backed up ,then continued on it was ok . I think it was stuck on one of the fins and then interrupted the flow to the prop. Nibral props are almost as tough as stainless steel . You would have to hit a rock or the trailer to do serious damage to the prop blades . Jim .

06-01-2009, 09:44 AM
When we were out at Yale yesterday, we ran into a debris field on the water. It was like all the little branches and chewed up sticks were in this one area and we ran right into it. We had lots of debris in the water and had to hunt for some safe areas to wake board and surf.

The point im getting at it, we had to stop and get the boat turned around, i could hear lots of debris hitting the underside and i could tell the prop was chewing some up. Nothing we could do but idle out.

Once clear we got going and it was smooth and quite. Every time we used reverse it seemed to make a weird noise or a shutter. I thought for sure we chipped or damaged the prop. When we got to shore i looked it over and not a scratch.

Id agree these props are realy strong, but im not looking to test there limits LOL.