View Full Version : 2003 LSV Ballast weight....made some changes

05-28-2009, 11:32 PM
I bought this boat last year and I was happy with the wake for the most part. This year I decided to make a few changes and add some more weight in the bow to see how it changed. It changed. For the better.

I used two 700's in the rear lockers, center locker full 600#, and two 350's in the bow on the seat for a total of 2700#. There we two people in the boat while I was riding. I have never ran this much weight before but, I did see a major benefit to adding weight in the bow. It changed the wake dramatically in my boat. The ramp was much longer, definitely higher, and certainly smoother than it had ever been.

Now, I need some suggestions on a new prop to keep the boat from being sluggish out of the hole...

05-29-2009, 05:01 PM
not sure given the motor you have that you can do much about that. 2700 plus 2 bodies puts you at 3k of wieght or more. I think for your year of boat dont you just have 310hp indmar?

That is a ton of wieght imho. But I am sure once on plane its a sick wake! ;)

I switched to a acme 1235 on my 07 lsv... and I get a better hole shot, but I only have 2k of wieght added and usually 3 small kids and the wife in the boat...