View Full Version : Problem with the stereo

Mike G
05-26-2009, 03:52 PM
I just picked up my 2009 XLV Saturday and during the walkthrough the stereo worked just fine. I got to the lake and no sound. The protection light on the Kicker amp is on but the light under the emblem in not. The stereo does come on and dislplays everything correctly. Any suggestions??:confused:

05-26-2009, 03:59 PM
I would take to back to the dealer if its located fairly close, and have them fix it. Just because you bought it and its brand new!

But then again I probably would not.. ahahah i would tear into it and swear the whole time. But have you checked your RCA jacks? Red and white colored jacks that are comming out of the back of your stereo? Verify that your connections "+' and "-" are all tight? might have just come loose while traveling?

Does the amp just power your sub? If I recall my kenwood when bought factory was doing my tower speakers and my sub? so that would mean you should still have inboat speakers, ....

05-26-2009, 04:55 PM
I had a similar issue with my 09 LSV. Ended up disconnecting the amp and found that the remote on wire from the head unit was causing the trip. I just switched the auto-on to the "signal position" instead of the 12v on from the head unit. Works great now. My dealer is 3 hours away so I wont be going back for an amp issue unless it acts up again.

Mike G
05-26-2009, 05:12 PM
My dealer is about 2 hours away so I want to avoid going back if at all possible. I have checked the RCA jacks and they seem fine. I disconnected the speaker wires one at a time with no luck, I even disconnected the power and reseated the wire but no go. I do not have a sub or tower speakers (yet) so the amp is powering the inboat speakers. I will give the "signal position" change a shot and hopefully that will work. Thank you for the advice!!!