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05-26-2009, 10:55 AM
Purchased an 04 XLV, stereo is dead stock and i can't take it. no tower speakers or subs as of now. Looking for advice on 4 tower speakers, amps, and maybe replacing all the stock speakers in the boat. Wondering if this can be done for less than $2500.00 and still have a sweet system?
Appreciate any input!


05-26-2009, 11:43 AM
You should be able to. There are lots of threads here to take advantage of.

Many like the polk audio for interior speakers

6 should cost between 180 to 200 total for db650's
i used two tower speakers polks db650's $200 for aerial towers boubles are about 500 min.

polk momo 10" inch sub $80.00

I used a JL 6600m marine amp $500 at crutchfeild you can get cheaper at other sites. to pwoer everything (bow is powerered by HU)

others habve used two kickers to power eveything. $new 600 to 700 refurbed 400 to 500.

If your HU is dead a new one can cost from $80.00 buck basic to 300.

Install will cost between 600 to 1,000

hope this helps

05-26-2009, 12:56 PM
my reccomend... wetsounds. pro80's on the tower and xs-650 in the boat. that is what I have and its very loud and clear while rideing at 75ft back! I have my stock kenwood crossed over powering the tower and two mtx amps. One for inboat.. the other for my subs. had to go with Alpine on my subwoofer because they had not come out with the xs-xxx sub.

05-26-2009, 02:29 PM
No doubt Wetsounds are great and Tim makes quailty stuff, but you'd better have deep pockets to afford it too. If your after the bling factor or bragging rights spend the coin and go Wetsounds, it's good looking and quality stuff.

But I'll put the Polk MoMo's or their new marine series up against the Wetsounds xs-650 any day. In fact i have and there's no decernable difference between the two when powered correctly that i can see or hear. Polks can be had at killer deals. The DB series cab be had very cheap and sound great!

Tim's Syn series amps are nice and again quailty stuff, but again for the price i'd go Kicker ZX series and save some coin. Awesome amps and some great prices can be had.

My four JBL 6X9's on the tower can also be heard 80' very clearly, but then they'll handle 300 watts peak and i'm driving them with four channels with a Kicker ZX650.4 at 120rms too.

There's no right or wrong way (well there could be) to do it, it's all in your tastes and how big your wallet is. For example for right around $1400.00 or so i did:

6) Polk MoMo MMC650 6.5" interior speakers
4) JBL Power Series 6x9's
1) Polk MoMo MMC 2124 DVC subwoofer
1) Pioneer DEH-P4000UB Head Unit
2) Pioneer CD-MR70 wired remotes
1) Kicker ZX700.5 5 channel amp
1) Kicker ZX650.4 4 channel amp
1) Loud Liquid fiberglass tower box
and all the misc install goodies needed, wire, cable, dist blocks, fuses, etc.

I frugally shopped over the winter and took advantage of some killer web deals and such. Mind you i did the install myself and granted not everyone can do that. Maybe you know somebody who does, it'll save some coin.

Check out the Moomba Modifications category, there's loads of stuff on stereos in there.

05-26-2009, 04:58 PM
I made my tower setup 4 kicker speakers on the tower custom box ~350 including materials to make the fiberglass tower box

mtx marine 4 channel amp for tower ~50 from ebay

mtx 500 2 channel amp 2 12" subs craigslist 350
custom boxes, power cable, wire, carpet, RCA cables ect. ~200

~20 hours into making sub boxes and tower setup saving my self a couple grand over a comparable system priceless

Yea It blows both of my friends malibu and mastercrafts factory systems out of the water too!!!

sorry no pics of the custom sub boxes

05-26-2009, 05:17 PM
c.rix, Have i told you how much i like your tower speakers. So when are you going to start a business and sell the rest of us the killer tower speaker setup?

05-26-2009, 05:33 PM
c.rix, Have i told you how much i like your tower speakers. So when are you going to start a business and sell the rest of us the killer tower speaker setup?

I could make some boxes, but not sure I could get the Moomba ingraved in the front again since I did that at my old work

I have made a few now and I am getting faster too