View Full Version : 08 Monza

05-24-2009, 03:21 PM
Finally got out for my first ski. Got to try out my new Monza i got for xmas. First impression is what everyone seems to say is its FAST. It will take a little getting used to compared to my Triumph, but just the same this skis is fast and should be a ton of fun.
My only problem i had was it was Very difficult to get into the new boots. The boots were stiff, the water was cold,52 degrees and feet were numb, so it was tough the first time although once on very comfy and tons of support. Boots are Animals so next step up from the Venoms on my other ski.
We skied using wetsuits and drysuits but just the same its good to get out so from here on it should only get better.

Heres to more sunny days and warmer skiing and the persistent engine light on motor for no apparent reason,going away/correcting itself,getting out and having FUN.

06-13-2009, 09:05 PM
This Ski is FAST.As i mentioned above this ski is quick. Compared to my Triumph which i still like this ski is in a different league completely. I and another buddy who skis and brought his Comnnely F1 today skiied both.He really didn;t believe me when i hyped up my ski till he tryed it. First words outta his mouth when getting back in the boat were.Qoute Holy Sh#%t that skis Flippin Fast. Looks like there could be an F1 for sale soon . HAHA.