View Full Version : Water Leak

05-13-2009, 11:47 AM
At the end of last season my stereo started shorting out because of a leak at the air intake in front of the passenger window. Not really thinking, I took it up to the local Moomba dealer and had them seal off the intake. When I went back to pick it up they stuck me with a $300 bill. They ended up running hoses from the glove compartment cup holders to the back of the boat and charged an unreasonable amount for it. They told me thats where the leak was coming from. After taking it out this season I noticed water was still leaking all over my amplifier. I then realized they didn't seal the intake housing. They claimed condensation from drinks were causing my amp to short out and that it had nothing to do with rain and poor engineering. What do ya'll think about that? Does anyone have the same leak issue??