View Full Version : rotate tires on tandem axle trailer

05-11-2009, 08:14 AM
My supra has a tandem axle trailer and I cant figure out how to jack it up properly. I ended up putting a ramp behind each rear tire and backing the trailer up on them to change the oil in the front bearings and then did the oppostie to do the rear. I also wanted to rotate the tires from the front to the back but since only one wheel is off the ground at a time that is not possible. How would I jack it up with a jack? I worried that only jacking it up by one axle would do harm to the trailer. The trailer does not have leaf springs. It is a 2003 boatmate trailer.

The reason for wanting to rotate the tires is i heard that the fron tire gets more wear because it is more of the pivot tire. This does make sense. what does everyone else think?

05-11-2009, 02:24 PM
I haven't jacked mine up. 08 LSV with a tandem trailer. From experience with cars and other trailers ive owned boat don't tend to see the mileage a working trailer with tandem axle trailers would see and hence less over all wear on the tires. The front tires to take a bit of wear when turning because they are the main pivot tires but then also the back tires are essentially being dragged around the corner also. They both work like a posi traction rear end on a car.

I wouldn't worry so much about the tire rorotation as the general care of the tires in the off season because most likly they will rot before they are worn down.

Im having this problem with my truck. 06 F150 4x4 Ive had it for 3 years and i live pretty close to work so i hardly drove it for any mileage. Took it to Tx once and Az twice but even then after 3 years i only have 25K on it. With the boat im getting more miles on it faster now because i have other places to go. What i am getting to is, all 4 of my BF Goodrich tires are cracked and dry rotted in the treads not the side walls. The tire shop said this is common in lower mileage tired after years of sitting a lot in the environment. He suggested i get new tired before i go on any long trips with the boat in tow.

He also suggested to get a goof tire goo as i call them. < rubber conditioner or stuff that makes your tires shinny > < no water or silicon bases > and put that on my boat tires inside and outside walls for storage to keep the tiers soft.

Just a few things ive learned from the local tire peeps here.