View Full Version : Best wake so far

05-08-2009, 02:25 AM
I finally got a great wake behind my outback dd. Had stock ballast full 400# in the rear, around 700# in the bow walkway. Add 5 people 3 in the back at a avg of 210# 2 people in the mid avg 160#. Rope at 75-80ft at 23mph the wake was bumping. My friend who rode at 80ft said his tantrums were easier as the pop spun him faster. I noticed my w2w jumps were a whole lot higher too at 75ft. No pics sorry. So thats a little over 2000lbs of water and people ballast. Also have to love that 90degree weather with that summertime water. Perfect day except for me losing my oaks the first 5 mins on the lake.