View Full Version : Kicker Amps - no light under logo but working?

04-13-2009, 03:27 PM
I am running 3 kicker amps in my setup, all brand new and barely even warmed up and now one of them is not lighting up like it's supposed to.

The Kicker ZX series all have a red light under the logo that glows when they're powered on. My ZX350.4 that is powering 4 cabin speakers doesn't have the red glow under the logo but seems to be powering the speakers just fine.

Kicker Support suggested it could be low voltage or possibly just a burned out bulb. The boat is still in winterized state so I'm only getting 11.81 volts to the amps, but all three amps are registering the same voltage and the other two are working fine and logos are lit up like they should be. The system absolutely rocks even at the 11.81 volts so I'm really questioning low voltage as the culprit.

Anyone else run into something like this? I can't even attempt to replace the bulb (if that is the problem) on my own without voiding the warranty. But then again I'm not overly excited about pulling the amp out and shipping it in, then waiting several weeks to get it back, all over a light burned out.

I want it to look as good as it sounds though as I'm sure I'll be showing off the new setup and custom install to a lot of buddies this summer....


04-13-2009, 03:31 PM
Make kicker send you a new one and when you get it just swap it out.
if you bought them from crutchfeild no questions asked....