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08-30-2002, 06:18 PM
We just got a new '03 Outback LS. We love the boat, but it seems that I have been back and forth to the dealer numerous times because the original order was incomplete.

We did not receive the support poles for the cover, nor did we receive the storage nets that we ordered. We did get the poles, and took the boat in for them to install the nets when they came in; however the nets did not fit with the interior design changes this year. This means that we will have to take the boat back "again" when they design the new nets and make them. Also, there was no plastic Moomba folder that was supposed to be included at delivery, which we are promised. And, the 2003 manuals are not printed yet.

I do not get the feeling that these are things that are directly the dealer's responsibility.

I am sure that these are all things which will eventually be resolved, but it is frustrating right now, because I feel like if you spend that money on something, that it should come complete .

Am I alone???