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02-20-2004, 06:29 PM
The past few days when I would go to the www.moomba.com and click on the community it would take me to a older point in board. It would show only topics or post from a few days ago. Nothing new on the board. It would do this 90% time and then other times it would work. I tried on all my computers even one that had never been to the moomba site before and all had the same problem. Will in trying to fix it I found that the problem was in the address if I would go on a computer that was showing the old stuff at the time and enter the address
(the linked address from moomba home page) it would have all old stuff like I explained above but if I put in the address
I would get the current update bulletin board. I put some pictures below. I don't know if anyone else is/was having this problem so I though I better post the info just in case. It's weird because if I click on either of links to the moomba board from the moomba homepage, if it takes to the right current board than either address will work. But most the time I am seeing an out of date bulletin board. Also made some changes to profile and when the old board is shown it has all old settings.
Both of these pics were taken within a minute of each other

Took this pic first

Took this pic second

02-21-2004, 06:07 AM
That's pretty weird, Chris. I haven't had any problems since following your instructions for allowing cookies. Still trying to figure out how to add pictures....I use the feature they provide and choose a picture from my hard drive but nothing shows up. What's up with that?


02-21-2004, 06:30 PM
They way I post pictures is I have a account with an online server like or angelfire.com or even some Internet providers give you interent server room like I have comcast and they do. But anyways, you have to upload your picture to there server and then that will make in your folder on there server so it would be with you address. So for example, your own personal web page you made is home.comcast.com/waterboy then you upload a picture called moombapic.jpg then the picture address would be home.comcast.com/waterboy/moombapic.jpg To post the pic on the forum you would click on the "img" button type in the address of your picture (home.comcast.com/waterboy/moombapic.jpg) then the picture should show on you post. I haven't messed with the browse button on the bottom yet but I think from other forums I have seen that would actually post just a link for a person to download the file instead of actually showing the picture on the post.
P.S. Still have the problem I described earlier now both addresses do it.