View Full Version : add a bilge pump

james yarosz
03-04-2009, 01:05 PM
This is a mod i have done to my last three inboards.The factory locates the bilge pump under the motor on a riser block and not directly in the bottom of the hull.If you leave your boat in the water or on a lift like I do their is always some water in the hull.I made a plate which mounts to the bolts that hold the rudder,bends down to the bottom of the hull and mount a bilge pump to it.I ran a second outlet hose out the back of the boat.I wired the new pump into the existing wiring for the front pump.The second pump keeps my hull virtually dry .My boat is a 2003 and still has the original steering cable and still turns easily. I believe the rear pump keeps water from getting into the steering cable and keeps the hull a-lot cleaner. Plus I like the idea of having two pumps.

Ian Brantford
03-06-2009, 02:30 PM
great post , i will install one in my 06 xlv

I have been meaning to ask about this. Has anyone mounted a pump by the transmission? With this hull shape, I still get a lot of water stuck in there, even when the engine bilge is empty. The boat (on trailer) has to be tilted very far to get it out the bilge drain.

I gave up for the time being, and have simply left the area wet all summer. I'd like a real solution. I'll experiment a bit, but if anyone has a proven parts list and procedure, it would be great to see that too. I'd guess that the pump would have to be small, as it's more cramped there than in the engine compartment.