View Full Version : Ballast suggestions for a newbie?

02-21-2009, 11:57 PM
Guys I have a 2001 Outback LS (direct drive). This is the same hull used from 2001-2005 on the Outback LS and Mobius LS, as well as the Outback V until 2008. It does not have any ballast at all. I'm looking to start slow but add some weight.

Any suggestions? If I want to start with one bag can I find one that will fit under the rear bench seat and are there any issues with putting it in there? Do you just buy a separate pump and some hose and manually fill/empty it? When you do that do you run it off your cig lighter/AC adapter in the glovebox?

Sorry for the beginner questions but I have never done this and could benefit from experience/advice.

02-22-2009, 11:04 AM
easiest would be a sac and cig lighter pump. I am not familiar with the insides of that boat and any ability to hide ballast so ... i would say if you cannot stash/hide any ballast bags, i would not go to the trouble of plumbing any in...
Do you have a center ski locker? that might be an option.. but
if you start out with one sac, get something that will fit under the rear seat.
or 2 side sacs that will fit on either side of the engine.
I previously had an 04 Outback.. I would put around 400 under rear seat and 275 in walkway...
with a direct drive, you won't need as much upfront as you do on a V drive,
but don't overweight the rear...

other options exist, depending on how much cruising you do.. you could use static weight such as sand bags or lead.... but water is safer as if you ever got in a sinking issue, ballast bags will not sink the boat where as static weight can.. (that is $0.02 explanation.. something about water/bouyancy/etc).. i'm a liberal arts major. ha ha

you can play around with weighting it and find what works best.. with my outback, some of my best wakes came from people in the boat instead of ballast...

02-22-2009, 11:40 AM
Thanks this is a good start. My Outback LS will be very similar to the 04 Outback you used to have. The boats were a little different, but not much. I do have a ski locker and I have storage under the rear seat, which is where I was thinking of putting some ballast. I just need to find something that fits under there because the seat is not very high. Boat is in storage at the lake, next time I"m there I guess I'll have to measure that space. There is a also a rear ski locker, but I use that for storing things and I've "heard" that the "floor" there might not be strong enough. We also use the center ski locker for storage. Putting ballast bags out in view in the boat is not a good option for us as this is a family boat.

Funny you say that about people being ballast. Labor Day with more people in the boat is what got me wanting some ballast - to have wakes more like that most of the time.

What kind of sack did you find that fit under the seat, where do you get them, and are they a pain to fill/drain using the lighter jack in the glove box?

02-22-2009, 10:29 PM
Ed, I just wanted a little weight (300-400 pounds or so) to give a better wakeboarding wake.

I have assumed, mostly from reading this board, that I'd need well over a thousand pounds and bags all over my floor to give surfing a try, and while I'd love to try surfing some time, I don't think its in the cards with my boat.