View Full Version : any interest in a brand new bimini

11-28-2008, 12:33 PM
I have a brand new grey color bimini. it is for the supra rad-a-cage towers that are on all boats BUT the launch20's. part number shows launch21 thru 24ssv. don't know if moombas use the same rad-a-cage tower, but it's the design that the arms fold back and tower folds down into the center pit of the boat, not forward.
it's brand new, only out of the box to try and install, never seen outside of the garage..

think retail is around 6bills. don't have a clue about shipping, nor what it's worth, but if anyone is interested, pm and we'll chat. thinking that we can find a win-win. gets it out of my garage and someone gets a smoking deal on a new bimini...