View Full Version : wake plate works again!

11-10-2008, 02:44 PM
finally, i was able to get the boat to the dealer to repair the plate. it works. thanks to the guys at ROMOBOCO and also to Bennet Trim tabs for trouble shooting things and got right to the problem and repair.

the problem was a relay that is in line between the pump and the operating lever. Bennet helped isolate that the pump was working properly and that the problem was somewhere else. as soon as the tech was aware of this, he located the relay and got it fixed. it seems that i am the only one with this problem, so it in the unlikely event you have the issue, you can resolve a bit faster?

we even got out for ride, the water was at 54, not too bad yet, at least it is still soft. we were the only ones on the water, except a few fishermen and hunters.