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01-26-2004, 12:39 PM
I know this is a lot to ask, but this is my first boat and would like to hear from those existing owners as to which options make sense and which ones don't.

Heater, $550.00… I assume this is a good idea, value, no brainer?

Rad-A-Cage Bimini Top $550.00… I assume a must have for long days on water?

Indmar Assault EFI-320 hp $1325.00… Enough power for 23’ boat, ballast tanks and 10-12 people in boat or should we go w/ bigger motor so less strain on things?

Shower… do people who have these actually use them?

Teak Platform… is fiberglass better?

Stainless Rubrail… just for looks or has a function? Seems like it would get dented up easily.

Stainless 4 Blade Prop… what’s purpose?

Depth finder $275.00… I assume good idea, value?

Wakeboard racks $550.00… Better from someone else or are these standard type OK?

Bertha Ballast 3 Bag System $595.00… OK system or should I buy aftermarket?

Hydraulic Wakeplate $850.00… From what I’ve read on this site, this is a popular item.

Perfect Pass – Wakeboard Pro $1,095.00… Is digital version the better way to go?

Stereo System w/ remote (10” sub, 800 w amp, 10 disc changer, tower speakers) $2,595.00… Good system or is it better to take to local stereo shop for the money?

Trailer accessories: Guide Pole Covers $50.00, Spare Tire w/ Bracket $295.00, Swingaway Tongue $395.00… Any other add-on’s for trailer recommended?

I really appreciate those that comment. This is a very big purchase and really appreciate those with the experience.

01-26-2004, 02:09 PM
I don't have the new XLV but did order an Mobius LSV last year so I'll give my opinion.

Heater, easier to order now than try and add later. I'd say it depends on how cold you are, we ride in Minnesota and do not have a heater but we're used to being cold here.

Bimini, if you have any fair skinned people or want to be out all day I'd say it's a must.

If you're always going to be fully loaded a bigger engine will get you out of the water faster.

Showers are good for spraying down people, other than that if you want to get wet go wakeboarding so I'd pass.

We have a fiberglass platforn and love it, you can't slip on it and zero maint.

Rubrail, I'd say more for looks than function

Stainless steel gives a little more low end torque because it doens't flex as much but if you ding it, it's done.

The depth finder is a good idea in my opinion if you are ever in a lake you are unfamiliar with or the water level changes a lot.

I saw the new mako racks at the boat show and I liked them but there are plenty of others avail. so I'd go with what looks good to you.

If you get the bertha ballast everything will be piped and the pumps and electrical installed already, you can always swap out for bigger bags later but I'd get that.

Get the wakeplate for sure you can customize the wake for each rider a lot easier.

Perfect pass; we have the wakeboard pro and it works fine, unless you plan on running a slalom course (if you do post a video I'd like to see the XLV running the course) you probably don't need the upgraded version.

The stereo is pretty decent kenwood system, if you order it everything is wired so you won't have to drill any holes for speakers and could always upgrade later.

I have all the trailer options you mention and love them all. You also might want to consider the cockpit and toneau cover, they work better if you ever trailer the boat than the one piece moomba cover. They also work better if you have the boat on a lift or in the water, they are easier to snap on than getting the big cover around the tower poles.

Congrats on the new purchase!!!

01-26-2004, 03:20 PM
I think sextons is right about everything, although I think the shower is a must have, too. It's great for taking the edge off on those cold water days...just fill your wetsuit with warm water before you jump in, it really makes a big difference. No screaming. It's also good for warming up after you climb out. I use mine a lot, and I'm in Florida! Good luck with your new boat.


01-26-2004, 04:43 PM
Hydraulic wakeplate, 3 bag factory ballast, wakeboard perfect pass, heater, bemini, depthfinder, and upgrade to multiport injection 340HP are for sure.

Stick with factory audio from basic all the way up to thier top level, because they do a great job on installation, there is alot more to installation than what you think. If you want alot more than 800 watt system then go custom.

Stainless rub rail is for looks but it looks good!

Stick with fiberglass platform - no maintaince

I dont know what state your from but if there is any winter at all save your money on the shower, Its just one more thing you have to winterize. Spend that money on 2 dry suits.

What color have you picked?

01-26-2004, 05:18 PM
Is the stock prop a 4 blade? I would not worry about upgrading the prop until you need to. I do have a stainless 4 blade on my boat now and they perform well and they do look great.

I don't have a heater or a shower in my boat. Next time I would possibly get the heater, I don't really have a need for the shower.

Bimini is a must have.

Racks you can get for less but if you like the Mako racks go for them. I have been very happy with the Fluid Concepts line.

H2OBUG said:
"Hydraulic wakeplate, 3 bag factory ballast, wakeboard perfect pass, heater, bemini, depthfinder, and upgrade to multiport injection 340HP are for sure."

I agree with this completely.

I have a fiberglass platform and I would get one again.

I like the stainless rubrail, that is something I wish I had.

$2600 seem like a lot for a stereo system to me, but then again I don't know what exactly they are using. Maybe you can go price a local shop just to see what they would quote you. Can you order the boat with the speaker holes already cut out? With the tower pre-wired? How much is the basic system with head unit and regular speakers?

For the trailer the swing away tounge is very nice. I don't have any of the other options you listed but do they make the little roller wheels under the back of the trailer so it does not scrape on a driveway? Mine does not have this but I have seen tralers that do. Mine has scrapped before and I sure wish it had those little wheels. I also assume the trailer is a dual axel for a boat that size.


01-27-2004, 12:24 AM

I agree with h2obug about the wakeplate, 3 bag ballast, wakeboard perfect pass, heater, bimini, depthfinder, and the upgrade to the mpi 340 are a must; might even go for the 380 horsepower motor.

We have the fiberglass platform on our 2000 Kamberra and love it, no maintence!!

check with your local stereo shop for the sound system, there are lots of deals around and on the net.

on the trailer we got the swingaway tongue, boatbuddy bow stop,and then had to add the second axel upgraded brakes as per the law in washington state, also really like the extra braking power.

congrats on your chioce, I think that yuo will really enjoy the boat, seen one a couple of days ago and wish I could upgrade!! Good luck

01-28-2004, 01:36 AM
Thanks for the help. Everyones comments were somewhat inline with my thoughts, but it's sure nice to have some assurance.

Based on a few of the comments given, the bigger motor is prefered. Anybody have a comparison of the difference in the multiport motor (MPI-330) to the EFI-320? Is fuel economy increased or just h.p. and torque?

How many of you have opted to have a stereo installed after the fact rather than from factory, and any comments regarding the cost difference, value, fit and finish, etc. The prices seem a bit high, so unless it's really tricky to install this stuff in a boat it seems like I could save a bit there and get as good if not better system.

Thanks again!

01-28-2004, 08:40 PM
Are you comfortable with you or a local shop drilling a hole thru the fiberglass deck to mount your tower speakers on your brand new boat? I did install an insane system in my new Supra from ground up. 4ga to amps, 6 boat speakers, 2 tower speakers, 12 inch sub, 10 disk. I did my own work. I had tremendous amount of time involved in it. I saved maybe $600. I personally enjoyed doing the work. Guess I would have charged $300 easy if I were to invoice install. I hope not to make anyone upset if they are in the audio install business but I would chose the factory over job shop. Now if your gonna install more than factoy equipment, you'll have to go custom anyway. Good Luck.

Kent and Carol
01-29-2004, 01:20 PM
Ed, I Had a 03 mobius lsv and have since traded it in for a 04, here is my take,
Heater is a must
Bimin good for hot weather and looks good
320 vrs 340 dont, know but indmar says 3% fuel increase and a broader power band check out there site. My opinion without much to draw upon for the 340 is that if you can afford it, go for it but if its a choice between another option or this one take the other; 20 hp cant make that much difference.
shower we would not use it that much dry suits are the way to go if its cold
No teak unless you like the look and are willing to do the time for upkeep
stainless rubrail, yes for looks I dont know about dents but If you smack the stainless hard enough to dent then my guess the regular rubber rail would also be dammaged.
Stainless prop again looks good on the trailer. They are much more durable, heavier but cost more to have repaired. Id go stainless for the small price of the upgrade.
Depth finder Yes,
Racks dont, know about the new racks but agree as above, shop around the ones on the new MC are awsome but probably carry a awsome price.
Ballast, My opinion is go for the stock single and plumb in your own modifications for the aft bags. I personally am going to go to rigid tanks aft (Probably 2 20 gal on each side )and have one more soft bag that I can fill on top one side or the other for wakesurfing. if you have the ability. there is a great article on wakeworld.com
but if you dont have the ability or time go stock 3 bag it works well in the LSV but the stock plumbing (hose paths and valve location) is not very well thought out in the LSV
Wakeplate yes, no question if you want to have control of wake shape.
Perfest pass pro is plenty on the LSV
Stereo, I want with the stock MP3 and plan on upgrading it myself. If you got the $ Go stock and load er up.
Trailer, Swing is a must for us so we can get in the garage, Guide pole covers a must, spare is a must but aftermarket is much cheaper.
I am in salt water about half the time so fresh water cooling is a must
I reccomend the raw water strainer and also the flush kit.
Bow and Cockpit cover for us also
walk thru cover is also nice for the cool evenings
moomba offers a extended warrenty look in to it it was on the boat show specials.
Good Luck, Kent and Carol

What color and which dealer you gonna use?