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Eric Z
10-04-2008, 11:52 PM
I would like to start by saying I love my Mobius LSV. I have it loaded up w/ about 1700lbs of ballast and the wake is awesome. I wouldn't trade it for anything. My question is who on here has ridden behind some of the big money boats. I don't know if other people do this or if I am just a little obsesive compulsive, but I look at every wake of every boat I pass to see how my Moomba compares. For the most part It looks to me that my wake is as big or bigger than most of the boats I have seen. I have ridden behind a Centurion elite V and the wake was okay but the LSV puts it to shame. I have also ridden behind a Supra 22 SSV the wake on this boat was very much the same as my boat. I am wondering if any of you have ridden behind a (wakesetter, X-Star, Super Air Natique, Supra 22 & 24 SSV etc). I was also wondering about how the XLV stacks up. I understand that peoples opinion of the best wake could differ depending on if you like a real peaky wake or the more rampy type wake. I also understand that bias may play a part in the discussion. None the less what are your thoughts?

ps.... Just board after having ACL surgery, wishing I could board and stirring up some forum talk.

10-05-2008, 09:59 AM
i ride with 2 friends who have MC's. 07 X30 and 08 XStar w/ Pro Ballast setup and 8.1L engine..
X30 has fact ballast of around 800-900lbs and is crisp, rampy and not too steep.. plus, the wake behind this boat is not terribly wide.. i pulled my first W2W's this summer on it..
XStar... I have only wakeboarded behind it with fact ballast in and 5 -6 in the boat.. It's a lot of wake and wider! I started wakeboarding in my Mid 30s and AM NOT Fearless, the X Star is about all the wake I'd ever want..
inside out wakes on the X Star is fun.. there is a trough between the wakes and allows for more jumps from inside..
Best part about The pro ballast set up is Surfing! he has the front set up to switch sides and when you add an additional 1000 to the port side, you get a good surf wave..not something the Xstar is traditionally know for..
I am starting to plan for a similar install this winter on mine for surfing..
I think I am gonna put two tube sacs up front under the front seats and set them up where I can fill either side or both.
The LSV likes more bow weight as you know..

hope the ACL heals good.

10-05-2008, 09:44 PM
Here are a couple close ups of the wake on my 08 XLV with Factory Gravity Full, and 3 people on the boat, and the plate about 80 down. I haven't ridden behind some of the bigger name boats like the Xstar, but I definitley can't complain about the XLV. Really, it more then enough for an intermediate rider.

10-05-2008, 10:38 PM
Thats a nice looking wake.. I have seen several posts on here and on wakeworld with folks having trouble with wake on XLV's..mainly 08s..

From the way most were worded, I think often they were questioning the wake being imbalanced when a rider was out heelside or toeside.. maybe picky too.. I can't speak for an XLV as I have not been in one, but your wake looks quite nice!
What speed was that pic at...

10-05-2008, 11:55 PM
I was riding at about 22.5 mph. I have found that sometimes the opposite side will wash out a little when you cut out hard but its no big deal and is fine once your on the other side. The wake itself is more then big enough with the Gravity 3, heck for beginners, I'd say it's ok without any ballast at all.

Something I've found is with a bigger boat like the XLV (23 foot) you have to go a little faster then some of the 21 footers, or if you want to go slower (19-21) shorten the rope to 60-65 feet.

The plate is also quite sensitive and can really change the shape of the wake, so you have to pay attention to it.

I finally hit and landed my first double up this week (Although I didn't go very big). Wow, what a blast!

10-06-2008, 12:53 AM
I have ridden alot of wakes I'm no expert and it is alot of preference......
older Super Air 210 with weight thing gets like a WALL hard and steep
Older Malibu VLX big and rampy
New 210 and New VLX to me very similar....and very nice rampy with a good lip.
Older 205V hull now the X-1 alot like an older Super Air but not as firm.

Of course all these boats are run pretty heavy, I think all over the 2K mark.

I have an 07 LSV I run over 2K in and the wake is good,And I have all skil levels ride behind my boat and most all like it. The wake plate is a great tool because instead of dumping water you can just melllow out the wake. And I think my wake is similar to a 210 but not as hard and not quite as steep.

10-06-2008, 10:40 AM
I've ridden alot of the big name boats and moomba really holds up to be a great wake.

I have an XLV and what I have noticed is the moomba stock ballast actualy works (suprize suprize)! One of moomba's best features is that they put out a wakeboard boat that you dont have to customize to get a good wake.

The X-Star- I dread when they pull this boat up for compitition, you fill the ballast up on this boat and the wake looks smaller than the XLV with no ballast, also the wake is like skateboard ramp (Super long) so you have to wait until you reach the top of the wake to throw your tricks (Which feels like forever). HOWEVER if you load it down with 4-5000 pounds of ballast, it throws out a pretty decent wake, but it takes long enough to get that boat up to speed with stock ballast in it let alone 5000 pounds.

Malibu's- These boats are not quite as rampy as boats like the X-star but in boats like the VLX you need about 4000 pounds again, and you have a great wake just VERY narrow. Malibu's main problem is the wedge, its terrible and completely advertised wrong. The wedge is great for families that are multi-sport and just want to drop something down for instant weight, NOT for the straight up wakeboarder. If your look for your boat to throw a good wakeboard wake the malibu's just need a ton of weight, not something that just makes it look bigger by airiating it. Which again takes a while to get to speed

Nautique- I like nautiques, but if your not used to them i can see were people can get bad impressions because they boot you! When I drive compitions with nautiques I just watch people get absolutly thrown like a rag a doll. Very steep but gets you high, good for the always aggressive rider.

Supra- The skiers choice counter-part, love it. just like the moomba throws out an amazing wake, the 24ssv is my favorite wake in the sport of wakeboarding, it boots you like a nautique with the ramp of a mastercraft haha hard to explain i guess but if you havn't riden this boat you should.

Tige and Centerion- I've only ridden 1 of each, The centrerion I wasn't to impressed with, it was the 24 footer and threw out a decent wake but it wasn't the size that a 24ft boat should be throwing out. I just rode the Tige RZ last weekend and I liked the wake alot, but it was very inconsistent, it was a cross between a moomba and a nautique, but I have to ride it at 25mph just to ensure it wouldn't wash out on me.

Rant over. haha

Eric Z
10-06-2008, 01:36 PM
Thank you for your input. I always look at other wakes, and think wow my wake looks bigger than that and he paid twice as much for his boat.....I would love to see some of the pros riding behind a Mobius LSV and see how big they go compared to what they can throw behind an X-star. I guess my point is why would you pay more for a boat when Moomba seems to give you as much or more than some of the big money boats. I would love to ride behind some of those other boats and compare for myself. I almost bought an 04' X-star when I bought my Moomba. It was a little beat up so I decided to go with a newer boat w/ less hours. I love the pickle fork look of those boats, but the wake size is the most important thing to me. Just wanted to do a little checking as to what people thought about the wakes of other boats.

10-06-2008, 02:20 PM
"I guess my point is why would you pay more for a boat when Moomba seems to give you as much or more than some of the big money boats?"

Reasons: Image, Bling, too much money to worry about $20,000 or $30,000.

I think with Mega Ballast, the Xstar is "THE" boat, but for stock ballast and the average rider, Moomba=Value. I mean isn't that the image Moomba is going after anyways? Best bang for the buck.

With all that said, I'd still love to ride behind any major wakeboat. A big wake is a big wake and they are all more fun that an I/O with no PP, a 3 blade aluminum prop and makeshift tanks (what I used to have).

The XLV is also fun for surfing. Even stock you can ride for as long as you want and with more people, it gets to be a nice wave!

10-06-2008, 05:54 PM
i ride a lot with a guy who owns a malibu i-ride. he puts down the wedge and has one 400 pound sac in the center. normally we only have 2-3 in the boat when towing. it throws a decent wake - long and gradual ramp. hard to throw inverts on. if i bring over my bow sac and we get 6 or 7 in the boat, the wake is very big, yet still has a long gradual ramp. it is easier to invert, but the wake is much wider as well and you may have to bring it in a section so you don't land on the down crest.

i'm comparing this to my new lsv wake. i have the gravity 3, use an additional 1000 pound sac in the center of the boat, ride at 24 mph, and put the wake plate all the way up. i have 2-3 peeps in the boat too. my wake is steep and big. it does wash out if i let the rope out to 75 feet. i've been at about 71 ft and like it there (65 feet of regular rope with 2 3ft extensions.)

10-07-2008, 01:02 PM
I think it is about image, but also perceptions about quality. I love my LSV...but if someone came up to me and said, "I'll trade you straight up for my X-Star (or Malibu or Nautique or Supra)", I would do it without a second thought (assuming that the condition was the same as mine.

Think of it this way. I have a Honda Accord (great car, value priced for the options it brings, quality build, etc.). Would I trade it straight up for an Audi? Yes, I love Audis. But the whole point for me is that there is no way I would have actually bought the Audi because my Accord does everything the Audi does at a fraction of the cost.

It is how I always explain to people who don't know Moomba. I tell them it's the Honda Accord of the boating world :)

Eric Z
10-08-2008, 12:54 AM
I like the way you put that. Don't get me wrong it was hard not to buy the X-star it was a little more money than what I spent on my LSV and I love the look of the X-star but it had a ton of stress cracks and needed some new seat covers it had 350hrs vs. 100hrs on the Moomba but as far as X-stars go it was a great price. If money was no object that would be the boat I would pick. But if you have say 40k to spend on a boat why would anyone buy a beat up boat or a 12 year old Malibu or SAN when it looks to me you truly do get the most bang for your buck with a moomba.

10-08-2008, 04:54 PM
I've ridden behind a few boats and the LSV is by far my favorite.

Tige21V, wake was nice, smooth transition but not very vert and harder to get good pop off of. I think it was an 03 and the boat was falling apart.

Supra 22SSV, wake was like hitting a brick wall and throws you straight up. It took more effort just to go W2W because it throws you up and slows down your forward momentum. You charge the wake hard like you want to land out in the flats and you will get an in flight movie and land perfectly on the other wake. It was hard to adjust to.

MC X2 07, complete turd, the wake with stock ballast and 6 people wasn't much bigger than my old Outback with 1500lbs of ballast. I was not impressed at all, especially not for a boat that cost almost $70k. The wake was small with a decent transition and a very mellow lip.

Nautique 236, amazing boat but way out of my price range. I got to ride on this one with Shaun Murray, he owns the same model and loves it. We had 8 or 9 people in the boat with stock ballast and the wake was very close to the LSV. It may have had a little longer transition and a tad less vert on the lip. I would say that it's probably very close to the LSV with the gravity 3 ballast and the wake plate in the middle. I'm sure the wake behind the 236 is unreal with 3k lbs in it, just like my LSV. I would own this boat if I had $80k to drop on it.

10-08-2008, 10:50 PM
MC X2 07, complete turd

hahaha the saddest thing is the X2 puts out a better wake than the X-star

But it is relitive to how the boat is weighted.

With price as no option I wouldn't even look at a mastercraft....maybe an X-80...I'd have to ride one...

10-10-2008, 01:52 PM
Very well put Helix-

I have an 08 LSV I Board with about 2000 Ballast In it and i love the wake-

My buddy has a older nautique 210 (not sure what year) and i would think real hard about trading him if he wanted to. our other friends always ask us what the diff B/W his boat and mine is and I always say "think of mine as a new toyota and his as an old Lexus." I like Alot of the features like touch button ignition, Hard Tanks and A shower. But like you said I wouldnt pay for all that stuff when really all i care about is the wake. what i really like about the nautique wake is i dont need a 1/4 of the ballast to get the same the air, it really does just throw you which is weird at first but i love it now.
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