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Kent and Carol
01-14-2004, 07:23 PM
We have recently ordered our 04 Mobius LSV and are looking forward to delivery in March. I noticed on the Indmar website that Indmar is going to the serpentine belts for the water pump alternator ect. ( i notice all mastercraft boats with Indmar have serpentine belts already) Can anybody tell me if and when the Indmar engines with the serpentine belts will be put in the 04 Moomba boats. Thanks, Kent

Brian Raymond
01-17-2004, 12:46 AM
The serpintene belt does look awesome in the array of specially machined powder coated pulleys, however, it is all for look. SkiersChoice opted not to go with all the flash. There is no performance enhancement due to this belt, actually, it costs more to build the motor. The pulleys have to be CNC machine cut at a longer rate, then powder coated, and then have a more expensive belt added that requires a special tensioner pulley to achieve the same performance as the cool black V-belt on all Supra/Moomba product. This is a much added cost increase by the time it reaches the consumer, this is one way SkiersChoice can reduce costs without quality loss. It is to my understanding that this year the higher end ski boats are eliminating the belt tension pulley, while keeping the serp. belt, with alternator adj. to help reduce costs. Brian Raymond

Kent and Carol
01-18-2004, 03:53 PM
Brian, thanks for the info. my guess is in the future indmar will only make engines with s belts, something about belt longevity. from what I hear that is why car engines went this way. for now i feel sorry for the people with engines without the tensioner-sounds like bearing and pully problems.
thanks again. K and C