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09-20-2008, 11:10 PM
We went out today for probably the last time of the season anyways I ended up surfing behind my buddys malibu SORRY but it was sweet!!! surfed ropeless after 25 seconds behind it and rode for 20 minutes straight ropeless it was great

I have been struggling with catching the wake behind my outback v. granted ive only surfed a few times this year since I tore my acl in may. Kinda been playing with my setup since every one else thats surfed my boat including my friend with said malibu can catch the sweet spot throw the rope and carve ect.

I now know that I will be puchasng at least a 750 for the v drive box and then put the stock 400 on the seat and use my extra 250's where needed or living ballast when possible.

Today the only person in my boat was my girlfriend driving I filled the right rear 400 and center 400 with a 250 on top of the rear bag and another on the bow seat. With me being 250 lbs I basically crush the wake on my boat now

Over the winter Im gonna upgrade and hopefully next year I can ride behind my boat like behind the BU

And yea again guys im sorry !!!

09-21-2008, 12:30 AM
It's Ok C. Rix,
I cheat with a MC X30 and Xstar some too.. My riding buds are better funded than me..
X-30 is a great boat for me as it has stock 900# ballast and the wake is not too wide... got my first W2W's behind it last month
X-Star has the ProX 2500# upgrade on top of the 1000 factory. He had them set it up to control bow sacs better...
BEST surf wave I have been on.. with the switch of a valve he can run fact ballast and about 1000+ on port side..

But I like my payments better.. thinking of some winter ideas on some Semi-auto ballast for surfing..
I can get a pretty decent wave on my LSV with 400 center and 750 rear.. but need more up front I think...
We had a good crew and ran an extra 400 on the port side seats one day and had a great wave..
I am guessing your bud in the Malibu has to work a bit to get wave right.. I have heard several of their hulls are hard to get a good wave out of, without tons o extra weight..
Glad you had some good surfing.. that's whats important...

09-21-2008, 02:11 AM
he has that 1000 lb bow bag but never fills it all the way up it seems he has it dialed in pretty decent though. He says that his boat dosent like tons of weight the wave starts falling in on itself it there are too many people in the boat so he actually will dump some ballast to make up for the difference

In my outback I had 9 people in it in july and I have to say it loves tons of weight Ive never been able to reproduce that wave since so Im going back to the drawing board

I would like to figure out a way to wire a 4th bag on the port side since thats where we always surf. Ive thought about making a shelf to put the stock 400 behind the port side seat since there is some room there, then plum in some pumps maybe over the side with a hose and stop valve so when you fill pull one hose out over the side flip the valve open fill it, close the valve so the water cant escape then the same for pumping out also

I really dont want to drill into the hull to put another reversable pump in and the stock system really dosent need another 400 plus the 350 from upgrading to a 750 in the v box I would take an hour to get set up for surfing

09-23-2008, 11:41 AM
c.rix, I have an outback v and have been able to get a really good wave on the goofy side. with the center sack filled the wave isnt so good, this hull doesnt like wieght up from in my experiance. I just fill the rear (800lb) sack and put a 250lb on the seat behind the driver and its perfect, I can free surf long as I want.

09-23-2008, 04:48 PM
...with the center sack filled the wave isnt so good, this hull doesnt like wieght up from in my experiance. I just fill the rear (800lb) sack...

Interesting. Never occurred to me to try leaving the center ballast empty. Could you elaborate on the "rear (800lb) sack". Is all 800 in the single goofy-side storage compartment? What product(s) provide that?

More complicated here, in that we use both sides of the wake, but just curious. I have twin 350's rear + 400 (factory) center, but it doesn't quite do the job.

09-23-2008, 08:24 PM
Heres the sack I use

I fill it full as I can, approx 700lbs and yes its in the rear locker. Then put the 250 on the seat behind the driver. I've had way better luck with the ski locker sack totally empty but have and no one up front. The wave only gets better with somone sitting on the rear locker, the more wieght the better.