View Full Version : Rattle Noise near dash and stiffer than normal steering.... cable?

09-08-2008, 03:55 PM
Hey guys, off and on over the past couple months I have noticed a rattle sort of noise near the dash and my steering getting a bit stiffer then before...

could it be the steering cable? would it need to be replaced or is there like a greasing or some kind of upkeep required?


09-09-2008, 11:30 PM
Not sure what the rattling and the steering cable would have in common, but if your steering is getting stiff, it may be too late for the greasing of the cable ends. I try to force grease into the cable end near the rutter every spring. I just turn the steering wheel all the way to expose the cable, then coat it with grease and turn it the other direction, repeat a few times and hope the water stays out. If the steering has become difficult, it is probably too late. The cable is easily replaced in the LSV and should come in around $160 or so if you do it yourself.

unhook the cable from the rudder and check the rudder itself. It should move really easily.

Try turning the steering wheel while it is unhooked from the rudder again it should move easily, if it does not replace the cable. My steering became very difficult and when I removed the cable, I could not move the cable ends by hand at all. The new one would slide back and forth just by picking up the cable differently. Good luck.