View Full Version : Help picking correct prop

09-04-2008, 04:00 AM
First, I realize I did not purchase a fountain or donzi. I'm about to buy a back-up prop and I want it to make this boat go as fast as it can. I live in the Houston area and we boat year-round. In the winter, we are making some longer runs with the boat. I've got the 13.7X17.5 4 blade, which came standard on my 08 LSV with the 325hp motor. I know I'll sacrafice some low-end, doesn't matter, I've got the "all round" prop for summer. Turning 4,000rpm's for a crusing speed of around roughly 30mph sucks on long runs, not to mention the gas it drinks. Any recommendations on prop size and 3 or 4 blade? Thanks.