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12-12-2003, 01:31 PM
I currently own an older Mastercraft and am thinking of buying a 99 Boomerang. The owner of the Boomerang indicated that there are gelcoat cracks on the top of the back of the boat (between the backseat and platform). He indicated that this was apparently common on the Boomerangs. Can anyone else verify this and is this a major concern? Any other quality issues to look out for on the Boomerangs?

Thanks for any feedback.

12-30-2003, 11:42 PM
Im not sure on the older boomerangs but I can tell you that its a common problem on all moomba's. Im sure you've looked at all the gel coat concern on this message board. As for as seriousness; Its not that serious. They can be fixed fairly easy and fairly cheap. I would keep the old master craft. Im my opinion. Getting a moomba would be down grading.

12-31-2003, 02:39 AM
Whether or not it's an upgrade or downgrade depends on alot of factors like how old the Mastercraft is and what condition the boats are in. I have an 03 mobius with zero gel coat cracks and zero problems it has over 70 hours on it and I could not be happier.

12-31-2003, 06:08 AM
Sorry, Keaton but you're wrong ....it's NOT a common problem on all Moomba's as you claim. If you look at the threads about gelcoat cracks, there are also posts from Moomba ownwers who don't have gelcoat cracks.
As for your opinion that the Moomba would be a downgrade, that's fine...you're entitled to your opinion but you really don't have any credibility after making a blanket statement about all Moombas having gelcoat cracks when the facts that prove otherwise are staring you in the face.
I have a 2001 Outback WITH NO GELCOAT CRACKS by the way.
Good luck with your decision, banker1. All I can tell you is I bought a Moomba for value and the obvious dedication to customer service from the company. I was not dissapointed.


12-31-2003, 10:39 AM
I cant speak for Boomerangs but I can address the comment of gel coat problems on "all moombas" - Not true I own a 2000 Kamberra - have been on the water with it just about every weekend since we had it delivered from the factory and have had no problems at all. Love the boat and would only trade it for another moomba or Supra

12-31-2003, 12:26 PM
I think the emphasis on gel coat is a little misdirected. I have a 99 Mobius with a Cage that was installed at the dealer - post-sale. There are some minor gel coat cracks, maybe an inch or so, originating from the pilot holes for mounting the tower. After 100+ hours they have not gotten any worse.

I have a close friend who is a body guy and he indicated that it is normally related to problem with drilling the pilot holes but did not elaborate. He said not to worry and I have not. I see no other indications.

Now a lot can happen to manufacturing processes in 5 years so who is to say what is going on now?

If I were a prospective buyer I would be much more interested in some the other issues raised on this board, like the hull flexing problem and transom failure problem and others.

Having said that I think you have to be careful about making rash judgements based on a small sample size. Think about the nature of this board. I found it while trying to find answers to problems I was having. Logic suggests that that is why manypeople end up here. However, if you review the overall nature of the postings there are not really all that many negatives. (that I am aware of). If you are one of the unluckies to get a lemon, which can happen with anything, boat, car, house, etc... well then your attitude regarding the manufacturer will reflect that experience.

I will guarantee (opinion) that Master Craft, Nautique, Malibu, et. al., have some dissatisfied customers. You can not be in business and have 100% satisfaction.

I do believe that when you are sitting on shore instead of skiing while the boat is in the shop, it is a lot easier to justify when your boat cost you 25-35K than when it costs you 50-75K. I figure you can buy 3 (at least 2) used Moombas in pretty good shape with less than 100 hours for the price of a new Master Craft. That way if one happens to be in the shop you just take the other one out. Storage might be an issue.

Before I bought the Mobius I was a committed Master Craft fan having skiied behind them and driven them. I still believe they are great boats. But let's face it, we are talking a fiberglass hull, a V8 4stroke engine, a transmission, controls/steering, seats, a pylon (maybe a tower), and a trailer. There is way less going on here than say in a new 4-wheel drive SUV like a Durango, plus you don't have the crash survivability engineering that goes into vehicles. Granted there is probably a lot more hand work on a boat, but the current new boat prices for top name boats is out of control.

I say, buy a gently used Moomba and make sure you have a dealer or someone qualified to work on it close by.

Good luck

01-03-2004, 02:11 AM
This summer I purchased a used (<100 hrs) 2001 Boomerang. The boat and trailer were as new. All Mastercrafts, Ski Nautiques, and others I went to see in my price range were ten years older (and looked it). The boat performs flawlessly and handles better than any other boat I have driven.
If you looking for a ski boat, then the boomerang is great. If alot of wakeboarding is in your future, then look to a purpose designed, newer model.
Otherwise treat it like any other used boat purchase. If you think that there are signs of stress cracks or previous repair, get a professional opinion. That goes for a Moomba, Mastercraft or any other builder. Any potential flaws in a 1999 boat will likely have surfaced by now. I would be more concerned about recent repairs than a few spiders in the gel coat of a otherwise original four year old boat.

01-04-2004, 09:38 PM
Purplepower - have you wakeboarded behind your Boomerang? If so, did you put some weight in it with an extended pylon? Have you found the interior cramped with four people in it?

01-07-2004, 07:08 AM
These boomerangs are real pocket rockets. Seems like the only problems I've seen mentioned is leaking, and that is due to some kind of silicon caulk bead that needs to be periodically applied to the rudder area.

My favorite is the 99 Kanga ( closed-bow version of the Outback) because its bigger, but if I found a boomerang in good shape, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Regarding gel coat...I agree with Dave, it seems minor and cosmetic from all the posts in the last year.

On another related subject, is the boat by any chance one of the outliers that has been stored in the water for long periods of time? If so, then you need to do some close scrutiny of the hull for blistering... this is not a problem that you will see mentioned on this board... it is a general tip for purchasing fiberglas boats and it is usually seen on boats 4 or more years old that have spent long periods in the water. It has to do with gelcoat porosity and it is the aquatic equivalent of a rusted car body. Again --- not a problem encountered on the board, but that's more likely due to removal of most boats from the water and the relatively young age of them....

01-07-2004, 01:09 PM
I do all of my skiing from my dock. This means that we usually have three or less people in the boat. When cruising the lake, it is comfortable with five adults. Keep in mind that the rear seat is actually a bench on the floor of the boat. Some adults may find this a little low. I have not done enough boarding behind the boat to offer a realistic opinion. My sons are learning (8 and 10 yrs) and there is plenty of wake for them at about 15 mph. The boat would be cramped with four adults and sacs (no aft or side lockers to put them in).

01-07-2004, 02:46 PM
i have a red and white 98 boomerang - currently for sale - in north calif.. i have had it since summer 2000.. put about 150 hrs on it.... it stays on a trailer and in my garage.. as for gel coat cracks... i have a couple... on both sides of the transom in the corners.. i talked to a guy, who would have gotten my business if he had told me they were more than just cosmetic and not structural - so i did not get them fixed. they are in the top corners at the rear of the boat. no where near a waterline. as for the "leak".... its not really a leak but a hole in the back of the boat where the rudder arm comes out to steer the boat.. on top of that is a plastic cover.. now i noticed that i would get a little water in the bottom of the boat in 2 instances... 1 - backing down a steep ramp and leaving the swimstep underwater and not letting the boat float off.. learned to do it differently... so not really an isssue now... 2- when backing up quickly or stopping suddenly w/o turning slightly.. water tend to rush over the swim step, then a little goes up the hole in the bottom of the plastic cover and into the bottom of the boat where the bilge has not problem getting rid of... and after that..on the way home i unscrew the plug and viola... no more water when i get home. so.. in my opinion, moomba is a great boat.. the boomerang is a great ski boat.. i have seen on the delta here in calif.. my exact boat set up for wakeboarding.. with a fat seat in the back and some lead weights in the front for counter balance.. a skylon added to the pylon with some nice board racks to keep them off the floor and a couple speakers to hear.. these guys are doing inverts and getting alot of air.. prob not a much as a boat designed for wakeboarding like my 2002 mobius LSV..which i love.. and it is one of the best boats i have ever skied behind..not a lot of creature comforts.. but the best bang for your dollar.. not able to touch any late 90's "Big 4" for any where close to $11,000(my price) unless it is trashed or has a ton of hrs.. so.. sorry for the long post.. hope some of it helps.. anyone want to buy a booomerang?..


01-08-2004, 02:17 PM
water boy, Im sorry I got you upset but I'v been doing more research then just this bulletin board. Even though I don't have facts to back it up, When I went to pick my boat up from the dealer (after having gelcoat cracks fixed) there were 3 other moomba boats in there for gelcoat cracks. If that doens't prove to be a common problem then I guess Im wrong. I have more research to boot, but I think I would be waisting my time to share it. I think if your as concerned about the issue as I am then just ask moomba for a copy of all its warranty claims for gelcoat cracks. Im sure you will find my bold comment to be true

01-08-2004, 03:57 PM
Here's a direct quote from your post, Keaton:

"Im not sure on the older boomerangs but I can tell you that its a common problem on all moomba's."

First of all, you're wrong when you say "all moomba's", my boat alone proves that.

You're probably way off on the "common problem" remark to, but I can't say for sure since I haven't done a survey...and neither have you.

Remember, more people complain than compliment, so how do you know what ratio of Moomba owners are experiencing this problem? Did you call everyone?

I don't care if you complain, and I'm sorry you have issues with your boat. What I do care about is someone making false accusations about a company that makes great efforts to satisfy their customers....instead of a bold comment, try a fact based one next time.


01-08-2004, 06:32 PM
I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I understand what you saying now. That was a mistake on my part. What I ment was that gelcoat cracks are common on newer moomba's. I can assure you that my acusations are not false. I think we got a little off topic. The topic was that the man wants to buy a boat that has some cracks. With the research I've done I wanted to give my input. Maybe you took it the wrong way. Im sorry you took it personlly. Its no secret that moomba has a problem with gelcoat cracks. My bold comment was not bias towards my boat, but a fact based upon what I know.

01-09-2004, 06:16 AM
"Its no secret that moomba has a problem with gelcoat cracks. My bold comment was not bias towards my boat, but a fact based upon what I know."

The only fact you can find based on what you know would be that you have seen other Moomba boats with gelcoat cracks. You have no idea what the ratio is compared to Moomba's that don't have gelcoat cracks. That is my point....you don't know if it's a widespread problem or not, you're just guessing.


01-09-2004, 01:50 PM
If anyone is making acusations its you. You have no idea what info I have and I deffantly would not publish it on this site. You saying that Im just guessing would be hipocriticle, since you don't have any proof that I don't have documented research. Like I said before, If you really cared about this issue you would do your own research. Luckly your boat didn't have any problems. After you spend 30 G's and find problems like I've had. You sorta try and find facts about whats going on. So in regards to you post, Im not guessing. Im concidering this argument resolved. Sorry to offend you.

01-10-2004, 05:12 PM
You have no proof of what you are claiming, case closed.

01-10-2004, 05:49 PM
Keaton and Waterboy im a sales mgr at a car dealership and a customer comes in looking at a used truck .He says to me he heard they had some transmition problems with these trucks.My reply to him is you only heard about the 1,500 that had problems but not about the 29.000 that did not have problems.This is the same in the gel coat issue.Give it a rest

01-11-2004, 12:37 AM
This has nothing to do with gel coat cracks but if you take 29,000 units and divide it by 1,500 defects, that would equal a failure rate of 19.33%. Not very good. I would not get on a plane with that type of record nor would I buy a boat or used truck.I know it is all FYI but you are right , you only hear about the bad. I have 40 hours on my Mobius and all is well but I have some concerns about quality due to the fact that I have gone through the entire boat with stereo upgrades, lites, d finder etc. The electrical panel scares me. It is cheap. If you look beyond the carpeting and under areas away from the eye, you can see where corners were cut. Tower is just 1 5/8". Overall it is still at least $10,000 cheaper than anything else. Jim

01-11-2004, 12:48 AM
Agreed. Have had mine 5 seasons. Mechanically solid, cosmetically a nightmare. Yes, including gelcoat cracks, especially in the walk-thru bow section. Quality and thickness of glas and gel is simply poor compared to competition. But this is what we could afford and we have gotten pleasure from it.

01-11-2004, 01:16 AM
1moomba, I understand what your saying. Im a mechanic at a dealership. We sell cadillacs. I don't know if you deal with cadillacs but if your not happy with your new car then caddillac WILL make it right and make you happy. Im sure you've heard of TSB's. If theres a common problem then its published for everyone to see, and in some cases the warranty is extended for certain problems. But I will agree. Out of all moomba boats sold, its more like 15% have a gelcoat problem. Thats not very high in the sceem of things.
But enough to be a common issue.

As far as you other guys. Its a little scary looking behind the dash panel and see shoty wiring and corners that are cut. If your like me, you would rather deal with QUESTIONABLE (for waterboy) quality then paying 20 grand more for a boat that is maybe better and maybe not (for waterboy). I guess you could pay 50 to 60 grand and get a lemon and be really really pissed instead of just frustrated. I went to the boat show today and was looking at prices on boats. I must say the all the problems I've had on my boat is still worth not paying the money that the leading brands are asking.

01-11-2004, 10:38 PM
Thanks to everyone for the input on the gelcoat cracks. It sounds like what I am hearing is that there are other Moombas (and I'm sure other makes) that have gelcoat cracking going on. I am still considering purchasing this Boomerang with some small gelcoat cracks on one of the transom corners. Will these cracks typically continue to get bigger in size with more use or do they usually crack and then stabilize, thereby not having to worry about it?

01-12-2004, 10:03 AM
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01-12-2004, 01:20 PM
I am pleased to see you did not give up on the thread. Is seems to have touched off alot of debate not directly related to your questions. I do believe that a few gel coat cracks would not put me off puchasing a four year old Boomerang. Yes it would be better if they were not there but then again it may help you negotiate a better price. Are they going to develop futher? Probably, but the cracks have had a few seasons to develop and they do not sound that bad. I am assuming you did not find evidence of previous repair?
The industry had moved on alot from this boat. It has a limited (but enthusiastic) following. That is good news if you are buying. If you find you want to trade up in the near future you may have trouble finding a buyer. What I am trying to say is that you are in a stronger position as a buyer to get a good price.