View Full Version : Need help dialing in wake 06 lsv

08-29-2008, 12:32 AM
i was wondering what the best setup is for an 06 lsv. i have the gravity III ballast and wakeplate and i am thinking about adding some extra ballast. also what is a good rope length/speed for this boat. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

08-29-2008, 01:30 AM
I have noticed the settings depend on the rider skill and type of board.

My 5'6" Hyperlite broadcast is happy with wakeplate down and 10-11mph. My 51" Phase5 board needs wakeplate up at 9-10mph.

I always fill the center and portside rear ballast and add 725lb on the portside seats.

08-29-2008, 01:29 PM
I assume you have factory set up on 06 LSV Gravity III.
That is 400 in ski locker and 275# sacs in each rear locker.
I have an 06 LSV too.

Question? Do you surf?

Here is some suggestions:
1. Replace rear 275's with 400's if you don't surf. If you do surf, you may want a 750.
2. If you want to go for some huge wake, put 750's in the rear and add some weight to the bow. The LSV loves additional weight up front.

I have 750s in rear. I can't fill them all the way for wakeboarding unless I add bow weight as it gets imbalanced. I generallly run them about 1/2 full or so when wakeboarding.. and fill one side up if I am surfing..

There are a couple of folks who have added an integrated bow sac on here.
I belive Pickle311 added one and put a complete new water intake for filling his. I think it was RBC_Racing that added a 4th valve on the gravity system and fills it off the stock system.

I ride around 70' and 21mph on mine . of course you can ride longer and faster if you like. One of my riding buds rides 75 and about 23ish.. wakeplate generally about 50%..sometimes a little lower sometimes a little higher...depending on people in boat...all the way up is a little steep, all the way down tends to be a longer Ramp..

One option if you surf is get 1 750# sac that you can quick disconnect.
Your 275's can be used up front if you want to get a pump and change the fittings on the sac..


08-29-2008, 09:54 PM
It all depends on what you want. The LSV likes a lot of weight in the bow, like 50% to 60% of it. My setup is the stock 400lb sack in the ski locker, the 800lb intergrated bow sack, and 750lb sacks in each of the rear compartments. When I have everything full, I cant get the wake plate any more than 1/2 up without the wake washing out at 22mph. I still need more weight in the bow. Another 400lbs would be perfect and I'll try it soon. With the additional 400lbs in the bow, wake plate at 3/4 to all the way up, and 22 - 23mph, the wake will be unfreakingreal. It's already massive with my current setup, I'll get some pics of it next time I go out.