View Full Version : Wiring a Tower on a 08 XLV

08-20-2008, 04:31 AM
I have a loaded XLV but never added the tower speakers/light bar ..... well now I am installing both, I just can't resist.

My question is I know how to wire the tower for the speakers on the pasenger side of the tower, but for the light bar, what do most people hook this up to for power? Do they tie it in with the existing tower light or run a seperate pair to a seperate switch? Do I need to use a relay with a toggle switch for a 5 light bar?

On a positive note had the PERFECT evening session and I learned to finally jump the wake toe side, got it consistent and learned toe side 180's and even landed but dropped the handle on 2 toe side back rolls. Also stuck a heel side back roll and some heel side 180's. My buddy got his toe side consistent and learned 180's heel side. All in all probably the best night of the season. And the XLV made it all possible :) She deserves some new jewlery!

08-20-2008, 08:51 AM
yes to the speaker wire. I have and 07LSV and ran my wires on the passenger side of the tower. The only thing I did not like was drilling the holes.

Now for the tower lights. No, do not hook them to the navigation light. You need to run new wire to the switches on the dash switches or a new switch. Yes, you need to use a relay for this application. I used a 4 wire relay for my boat. Congrats on the new boat.

08-20-2008, 03:09 PM

I guess you might know that our 8 year old won a light bar too! While I am not into blingbling I found the Electrical Engineer (MrsZ) of the family mounting the lightbar to the tower shortly after we returned home from the Tampa Jamboree. Now my question to you is what is the best way to string the new wires through the tower? Should I attach a string to the light wire and pull it down and out? I need to know this because the double E of the family just mounted the light bar and said to me, "finish this!" I guess she knew that if they (the girls) didn't get it mounted it might have disappeared, you know shown up on Ebay later! But now the 8 year old points up there and says that is mine!!!! So I have no choice now! :D

08-20-2008, 05:12 PM
I tied a piece of stranded wire to my existing wire. Pulled it out, attached the new wire and pulled it back. Now, with more wire in the hole, you might need to enlarge the diameter of the hole just a bit. With the wire out, this will make it easy to enlarge the hole. I did the same thing to the opposite side. The down side of the tube. I also had to remove the base, of the tower, and enlarge the hole in the gel coat. As much as I hated to drill in my boat, it had to be done. Good Luck.