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08-17-2008, 11:40 PM
Thanks to all who have posted info on overheating issues in the past. My 04 XLV V-drive overheated this weekend. New boat owner situation. Idled out to no wake zone (10 minutes), hit throttle and boat chugged and went back to idle speed. I see from previous posts this may be limp along mode. Temp reached 230s. Shut off after a few minutes of retrying and got tow back to dock. Just opened up Raw Water pump to find an impeller with no flaps (shredded). Concerned this could be more than an impeller replacement need - running dry could have caused impeller to shread.

I have a few detailed questions to ask.

1. What happened to pieces of impeller.. ..where do I look to see if the pieces are lodged somewhere? I see from postings there are a few filters to check. Not sure where to look for these. Tight spaces in the v-drive

2. Intake appears to be on starboard side but for ballast system (previous post mentioned starboard side for intake). How do I check this w/o damaging anything or causing future leakes. Drive shaft already drips 1 per 2 seconds.

3. Is there a way to tell if water pump is bad? not sure where the thermostat is or if I found it how to tell if it was bad

Simple explanations help as I am a first time boat owner. Some of the previous posts were a bit harder to follow, particularly for answers to Qs 1 and 3. Pictures are helpful if available. Thanks!

08-17-2008, 11:47 PM
They ended up in your motor is where the pieces went...

best thing to do is replace with new impeller and flush... hard to say what is and isnt lodged in the motor right now. first thing is to get new impeller and see what results you get...

dont think you need to worry about your intake. I would run see if they flush through and then go from there... I have a friend that had his nautique do the same thing... took him a while to get the fins out of the motor...

did you run the motor dry?

08-18-2008, 12:12 AM
I was in the water when overheating occured. Mentioned running dry b/c I am concerned that the cooling systems isn't pulling water, hence, the impeller break up (read somewhere that when the system is dry, impellers shread).

Boat is 4 yrs old, wondering if I should replace entire water pump and thermostat to be safe. Just don't want overkill as it could just be the impeller or a clog in the intake somewhere. Not sure where all to look for these things.

08-18-2008, 12:18 AM
how long have you had the boat? what is the maint history? I change my impeller hell or high water start of each spring... .chances are prev owner did not or has not replaced it... its just rubber and if left will harden and break apart over time... chances are that could have been your story?

I would start with new impeller ... and go from there... .you can tell if water is pumping with that change alone.. hook it up in the driveway with a hose... at least you will know if water is pumping through...

08-18-2008, 10:09 PM
RWP cover was still painted over so impeller was likely never changed. Bought replacement impeller today. Took a while to get hoses off for backflushing. Eventually was able to remove hose just after thermostat as well as top hose of RWP. Backflushed through thermostat hole and pieces of impeller came out of top hose of RWP. Removed lower RWP hose.. .. not sure how to flush this out.. I think most pieces of impeller fall to bottom hose... what is the best way to flush out lower RWP hose?

hose from thermostat to engine looks a little ragged so I am going to get a new one tomorrow. Should have seen the rust come out of that hose!!! WOW. normal??

08-20-2008, 10:41 AM
uh if the paint was all there... I doubt it been touched... it cracks the minute you start taking the bolts off.

some rusty water is normal... but I would think alot could just indicate that he did not fog the motor at the end of the season. By doing that you coat your cylinder heads ext so that they dont rust or scar over the winter when sitting...

so with that the lower end hmm... not sure how you flush it beyond that... I would ask your dealer how they would do it? Or give it a run at the lake.... see if they come out via being worked out... given how tight that motor and space is... its such a pain to work on... but you already know that now.

The other thing... get a 2nd impeller... I always keep an extra around... its probably my paranoya, but I just like to have a spare on the shelf.