View Full Version : 2000 Mobius Buying Advice

11-11-2003, 12:21 AM
Hello All,

I am going to talk to a dealer tomorrow about his 2000 Mobius 21' Inmar direct drive for sale (18,990). Do any of you have good questions I should ask or things I should look out for?

I have been reading up and below is what I need to check:
1. Cracks in the gel coat
2. Carb or EFI motor

Help me out as this is my first time seriously shopping for a toy of this calibur. What do you think of the price?

It has: Tower/Subwoofer/Tower Lights/Bimini/Balast/Tandem Trailer


11-11-2003, 03:20 AM
Make sure you take it for a test drive.....try to resist the euphoria of driving such a fine machine, and listen for noises, vibrations, etc.
Maybe some Mobious owners on this board can help you out with more specific stuff to look for.


11-11-2003, 12:44 PM
Couple of other things:
* Hours
* Integrity of decking (floor) bounce around all over it to make sure there are no weaks spots hidden under the carpet.
* Prop and Shaft
* Make sure to check the platform mounts as you will read in some other posts there have been problems on some boats with them cracking through the transome
*Make sure all the gauges work properly especially the depth gauge.
* check the winch, axle(s), lights, and brakes on trailer
Steering make sure it is tight with limited "Play"
* Obviously check all the speakers to make sure they work as well as the CD/Tape/Changer which ever it has.
* Check the rear holdowns and rope cleat (please tell me you will never use this)
*Lastly, Check for any indications that the previous owner used the boat to pull a tube or any other inflated toy. If they did you will probably have to take the boat to a priest to have the demons driven away before you can wakeboard or ski effectively with the boat.

Hope this helps and good luck!!